Two teens die from gunshot wounds

Two teens die from gunshot wounds

MURRAY Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - A second teen has died following a gunshot wound. Saturday night a 13-year old died after he was shot. Police say there are no suspects and believe the boys somehow were responsible.
MURRAY Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Police are mystified over the death of two teens.
13-year old Ashton Peck died Saturday night from a gunshot wound at his best friend's house in Murray.
The best friend, 15-year old Andrew Nelson who was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound Saturday night, died early Monday according to Murray police.

Police are not looking for any suspects and are trying to piece what happened.

"It's extremely baffling," says Murray Detective Jeff Maglish. "In this situation you have two people who were best of friends."But he says now that both boys are dead they may never know what happened."

"We will use ballistics everything we can to find out," says Maglish.

Peck's father says they too have no idea what happened.

"Everyone's confused that's the best way to put it," says Dave Peck. "There's so many thoughts running through your head that you're never going to know and that's what's going to get you the worst, is not knowing."

The two teens lived across from each other.

"They've been best friends since third grade," says Peck. "They loved skateboarding. Anything that was fast ... and they were very good at the skateboard things because he was very amazing. He was very good at it."

Police say the gun belonged to the Nelson family and found the weapon inside the home.

"Absolutely no sign of any struggle, anything that would give us any evidence of a fight an argument," says Maglish.

The Nelson family attorney says the two boys appeared to be getting along when the Nelson parents left the home Saturday night.
Douglas Thayer says there was no indication that this was a suicide pact.

'I'm not aware of anything like that," says Thayer.

Thayer says neither of the families are casting blame on the other.

"They are loved by their families," says Thayer. "I want to make that very clear. These boys were greatly loved by their parents."
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