Toddler tests positive for meth

Toddler tests positive for meth

WEST VALLEY Utah (ABC4 Utah) - Police say a toddler tested positive for meth after being found in a "dirty" home.
WEST VALLEY Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - A toddler tested positive for meth.
Now the child’s parents are facing child abuse charges.
Brian Carver and Brandie Barnhurst were charged with a third degree felony for endangerment of a child.

“Anybody that does drugs in front of their child are thinking of themselves not of their child,” says Susan Liston who lives near the home in West Valley.

The couple were evicted from the home at 3875 South 6515 West in West Valley but according to police they became squatters living in a trailer on the same property.
Liston knew something was up.

“24-hours a day you could look and they were up, people going in and out,” says Liston.

After the homeowner complained to police the couple heard a knock on their trailer door. It was police.
According to charging documents Carver and Barnhurst were living in a place that was "extremely dirty and cluttered” and a "two year old was covered in dirt."
Police say Barnhurst appeared to be high on meth. Police took the child away. The court documents claim the child "tested positive for methamphetamine.”

“It just means that they are in a dangerous situation,” says Dr. Barbara Crouch with Utah Poison Control Center. “It doesn't mean that they're toxic from methamphetamine. But it means they've been exposed.”

Often times a child can be cleansed from meth exposure and released to a parent. But it depends on whether it was ingested.

“That's an extremely dangerous life threatening situation,” says Dr. Crouch.

For now those who live nearby are glad the couple is out of their neighborhood but they are worried about the toddler.

“I feel for the baby,” says Liston. “Things that are going to happen now, that baby's got a lot of problems probably."
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