Three year old nearly abducted

Three year old nearly abducted

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) - A three year old screams breaking up the plans of a would be abductor.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) – A three year old girl was nearly abducted while playing in the front yard of the family home.

Tuesday, Abigail Kranendonk was alone because her mother says her brother ran off to fetch his arrow that had landed in the neighbor’s yard.

“I thought she was going to be with him because she was out in the front yard,” says her mother Tasha Kranendonk. “She was all alone and that's when it happened.”

Kranendonk says a stranger in a car drove up to the front of their home where Abigail was playing.

“I heard her scream and the squeal of tires and then when I got to my daughter she had bruises on her arms and told me a bad guy tried to get her,” she says.

Abigail's mother searched up and down the street to see if the suspect was still around. He had disappeared.

Abigail had scratches on her arm where the stranger tried grabbing her.

“Right here, no right here,” the three year old says pointing to her scratches.

Because of Abigail's age, police have little information to go on. It happened Tuesday afternoon in Rosepark near Autumn Avenue (600 North & 950 West). But she did offer a glimpse of the stranger.

“Abigail told them the guy has hair, has a moustache and he wears these (glasses) and that's how she described him,” says her mother.

Stranger Danger is something Kranendonk teaches her children. They've been told to scream when a stranger grabs them. But this stranger as struck fear in Abigail.

“Abby's not sleeping she's afraid the man is going to come back,” says her mother. “I just hold her and say its okay I am here and I will protect her.”
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