Teens save Sandy toddler trapped under car

Teens save Sandy toddler trapped under car

SANDY, Utah (ABC 4 News) - A little boy was accidentally run over in his driveway by his mother's roommate Thursday.
SANDY, Utah (ABC 4 News) - A little boy was accidentally run over in his driveway by his mother's roommate Thursday.

It happened at 8465 South 880 East in Sandy. The 20-year-old woman was leaving for work. Police said she walked behind the car to check for kids, but in the few moments it took her to get in and get it started, the toddler found his way behind the 2,700 pound car.

Keaton Critchlow, James Anderson, and Branden Estrada had just returned from registering for high school when they noticed something was very wrong at the neighbors house across the street.

"We just dropped everything that we had in our hands and ran over and then we realized there was a baby under the car," said one of the boys.

Sergeant Troy Arnold from Sandy city police said the two-year-old boy under the car was pinned. "The car backed over the child and actually drug the child for about fifteen feet down the driveway.," sergeant Arnold said.

The teens did not hesitate. Branden Estrada said there was no time to waste. "I was just like ok lets all lift this up we have to do this. The baby is going to die," he said.

The teens said the toddler was stuck under the center of the car behind the front axel.
"We all started to lift and the lady pulled him out from underneath the car," James Anderson said.

Once freed, the first aid began. Emergency crews arrived moments later and the child was flown by helicopter to the hospital.

"For them to take that fast action and to think that the important thing was to get that kid out from under the car and get him taken care of as soon as possible you know a lot of people could consider them heroes," said an emergency authority at the scene.

The teens said they were just doing what needed to be done, and they do not see themselves as heroes.

One said, "I just hope the baby is ok and that if people need help there is going to be somebody there to help them. I am just glad we were there."

ABC 4’s Barb Smith checked with Sandy police Thursday evening and Sergeant Arnold said the little boy is going to be ok. He is currently listed in good condition at primary children's medical center and is expected to recover fully from his injuries.

Police said this is a good reminder to keep watch on small children, and if you know someone is backing away hold their hand until the car is gone.

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