Teen's low bail angers victim's family

Teen's low bail angers victim's family

OREM Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - He's accused of committing another crime involving a young girl. This days after he was released from jail on a child sex abuse charge. Now a grandmother of the vicitm is speaking out wondering why his bail is so low.
OREM Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – A grandmother is concerned over an accused child molester will get out quickly.
Police share her concern. Nicholas Simmons was arrested a second time this week for lewdness involving a child.
The second incident happened four days after he was released from jail on child sex abuse charges.

“It is so sad,” says the grandmother of the child. “He's a sick young man that needs help.”

The grandmother didn’t want to be identified but her six year old grandchild was allegedly molested by Simmons in late May.

Police are calling 18-year old Simmons a child sexual predator.

“I was literally devastated,” says the grandmother. “He tried to lure her out first and she wouldn't go and so he came in (into the yard) and got her.”

Simmons was jailed but he got out after posting $2,000 bail. Four days later, Orem police say Simmons was again arrested for lewdness involving a little girl. This time, Simmons bail was set $1,800 which is less than the first time he was in jail.

“Why?” asks the Grandmother. “His other serious offenses are not being taken into account. Why?”

Utah County prosecutors say the lewdness charge is only a misdemeanor causing the low bail. But prosecutors will ask the judge that Simmons bail (on the sex abuse case) be revoked.

“Mr. Simmons is, in the county attorney's view is a danger to the public,” says Ryan Peters, the deputy Utah County attorney. “He's allegedly willing to commit new crimes while recently being released.”

Until that happens, the grandmother is sending a warning to other parents that Simmons could be back in his Orem neighborhood soon.

“This is something I never thought I'd have to deal with,” she says. “And I don't want anybody else to deal with.”

Peters says a court date is scheduled Monday to address the bail issue.
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