Teens arrested in West Valley Police pursuit

Teens arrested in West Valley Police pursuit

Police arrested four teens and are looking for a fifth, after they broke into a home and stole the homeowners truck.
WEST VALLEY CITY (ABC 4 UTAH) - Police have arrested four teens and are still looking for a fifth, after they broke into a home in West Valley stole the homeowners truck and then took off driving in the pick-up.

Police say the suspects came down 3600 West tried to make a turn on 2100 South, but lost control spun out and crashed right into the fence. Gathering evidence at the scene of where the pursuit ended West Valley Police say it all happened Wednesday just before 4 A.M.

Home with three kids and his wife Daniel Guzman woke up startled by his wife only to find out his home had been robbed and his Chevy Silverado stolen.  “Through the garage opener in my truck they opened the garage,” says Guzman. 

Guzman tells ABC 4 Utah he not only had his truck broken into and stolen but the teens also took off with several personal belongings. “My wives purse, my cell phone her keys to her jeep, they just grabbed what they could real fast,” says Guzman.

Not feeling like they had enough Guzman says the robbers came back for another round. He says “They actually tried to rob my house a second time and the second time they came by is when I saw them and when they saw me that is when they ran off."

From there Guzman called police and the teens led officers on a pursuit that ended within a matter of minutes. For Guzman he says he's just grateful his family wasn't hurt. "I still have a 2-year-old a 9-year-old and a brother that's 12 so absolutely I feel grateful this could have ended up a lot worse than it did."

West Valley Police says the investigation is ongoing and did not say what charges are pending against the teens arrested.



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