Teachers & parents protest outside School Board Office

Teachers & parents protest outside School Board Office

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Dozens of Utah parents picketed outside the Utah School Board Education Office Friday.

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (ABC 4 UTAH) - Dozens of Utah parents picketed outside the Utah School Board Education Office Friday.The protest is over the Utah Core Standardized testing for Math and English currently taking place in Utah schools and across the country.

 Common Core is the nation's latest set of standardized testing sweeping across the country.However, many Utahn’s like Christel Swasey, who attended the board's open meeting aren't standing for it. She Tells ABC 4 Utah “They say these standards are more rigorous but in fact they take away calculus, they reduce classic literature, and cursive, although Utah had to add that back in we had to ask permission from un-elected DC groups to get cursive added back into our curriculum."

On the flip side board members say common core is being *misunderstood* and the curriculum is what's needed to prepare children for the future. “Part of the frustration I feel is this whole concept of federal takeover and who's in control,” says Martell Menlove the State Superintendent for Public Instruction. Debra Roberts with the Board of Education says it's disappointing they don't understand the good that can come from these standards and it really is about educating children.”

However, for Swasey she says teachers voices are being taken away and calls Common Core an experiment on our children. On top of that, she says they are most upset about the testing. "Teachers and children are to be watched like guinea pigs and to be redistributed at the will of the government taking away the voice of the people and the power of the people,” says Swasey.

A minority in the crowd Steven Harper, an English Teacher at Olympus Jr. High is in favor of the new standards and says teachers are still in control of their classroom. “Common Core state standards are goal posts for teachers. They provide the rigor that we need but we create the thoughtful curriculum that meets the diverse needs of our students,” says Harper.

Protestors tell ABC 4 Utah the protest is not a political move, but rather about the kids and if something isn't done they will continue to go to legislature and to the people.




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