Smoke detector saves Murray residents from morning fire

Smoke detector saves Murray residents from morning fire

MURRAY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) -Firefighters had their hands full after two condos caught fire early Monday morning.
MURRAY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Firefighters had their hands full after two condos caught fire early Monday morning. The residents inside were able to get out safely. The fire happened just before 1 a.m. at 1486 E 6015 South in Murray.

Murray Firefighter said one of the two condos is a total loss. The estimated damage is about $250,000.  All three residents living in both condos were able to get out safely thanks to working smoke detectors and fast acting fire fighters.

“I heard some loud popping and I thought somebody was doing fireworks,” said Dini Drougett, a neighbor to the home that went up in flames. Drougett says she quickly discovered the sound she heard was not fire works. Rather, the sound was flames exploding in the alleyway of her condo, directly by her garage.

“I was just scared it was going to go from one condo to the next. I was afraid that the wind would blow this way and get our condo, it moved so quickly,” says Drougett.

Fortunately, for Drougett, flames didn't reach her home. However, Murray Fire Marshall Russ Groves said the fire started in the garage and quickly spread to the attic and then jumped to the neighboring condo on the east.

"They were awakened by the sound of their smoke detector. Who’s to say if they would have even awoke if they didn't have a working smoke detector. So, just some good information here, make sure the batteries in your smoke detectors are working, they do save lives,” says Drougett.

Now, concerned neighbors aren't wasting anytime double checking their smoke alarms. Susan Bailess, a neighboring resident who had to evacuate for precaution says despite the flames threatening her own home she feels fortunate their neighbors are safe. “If the house burned down, we were ok and that’s the most important part as far as I’m concerned,” said Bailess.

Red Cross has not been called in to assist. Murray Fire Department says those living in both condos are staying with family for the time being. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. 

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