Search for Susan Powell Cox ends in Oregon

Search for Susan Powell Cox ends in Oregon

WEST VALLEY Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - After three days of searching for the remains of Susan Powell Cox in a remote area of Oregon, police have called off their search.
WEST VALLEY Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – Another dead end in the search for Susan Powell Cox.

Police called off their three day search in a remote area near Salem Oregon.

The West Valley mother disappeared in late 2009. Her husband Josh Powell was the primary suspect. She is presumed dead but her body has yet to be recovered.

After this latest effort to find her time may be running out.

“If we do not find anything here or have any follow up leads yes, we would be closing the case in the not so distant future,” Wayne Pyle, West Valley’s city manager told reporters.

This latest tip to a remote area outside of Salem Oregon didn't get police any closer to finding her remains. But the deputy chief says his department isn’t ready to throw in the towel.

“For us to say we are completely done I think it would be premature to make that statement at this point,” Mike Powell says. “There is still additional information out there.”

Susan’s father, Chuck Cox folded in the tent Wednesday realizing the search would bring results.

"It's a little disappointing that we didn't find what we wanted but we're still looking for our daughter and they're still looking for her," he says.

He says his family isn't willing to end their search. In fact he says once police leave Oregon, they'll move in.

“We'll probably be doing some searching on our own, that area and possibly others,” Cox says.

In West Valley, Susan's close friends are not ready to give up the effort.

“We'll never stop searching for Susan until we find her,” says Kiirsi Hellewell. “We're hoping if police release information they have, maybe it will help us to look better.”

Despite another dead end, Susan's father remains optimistic especially after talking with police.
"It shows us they're still willing to search,” he says. “And I'm encouraged because they tell me that 20 years from now if they get a tip they're going to search and find her.”
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