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Repo man's life threatened

LAYTON Utah (ABC 4 News) - 70-year old won't let go of his vehicle.

LAYTON Utah (ABC 4 News) - A tow truck driver got his life threatened attempting to repossess a vehicle.

Thursday morning, several police cars swarmed into the Layton neighborhood after there were reports of a man with a gun.

It turned out 70-year old Edward Delbridge was allegedly making threats at the tow truck driver who had his eye on Delbridge’s Honda Civic.

“He told him he was there for a repossession,” Lt Garret Atkin says. “But I guess he didn't take that for an answer.”

Indeed he didn’t. Family members say Delbridge was startled at three in the morning.

“He had heard something,” says his stepson Ron Ollis. “There was a squeal obviously thinking it was stolen.”

When Delbridge walked outside his home police say he saw the tow truck driver trying to repossess he vehicle. Delbridge was carrying a handgun.

“He did shoot one round into the air,” Atkins says.

Police say the tow truck driver made it clear who he was and why he was at the home.  But Delbridge allegedly threatened to kill the driver.  After seeing the gun the tow truck driver backed down, left and called police.

“It is not like him to do that, not like him at all,” says his stepson.

Delbridge’s stepson says a tow truck driver shouldn’t be coming around at the wee hours of the morning.

“At that time of the morning, that doesn't make a lot of sense,” Ollis says.

Delbridge was booked in the Davis County jail and later charged with assault and discharging a firearm.

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