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Questar asking customers to clear snow from meters

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - Questar is asking homeowners to clear exhaust vents and gas meters or risk deadly consequences.

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - Questar today is asking homeowners to clear exhaust vents and gas meters or risk deadly consequences.

A Questar spokesperson said snow-covered vent could cause carbon monoxide back up. “It's important to have the vents protected and keep snow away from it is because that's how your furnace breathes, it requires fresh air from outside to come in so it operates properly and doesn't produce any carbon monoxide,” said Darren Shepard, a Questar spokesperson.

That thick ice hanging off from roofs could also be dangerous. If it falls, it could hit outside pipes on the meter and cause a gas leak.

Snow and ice covered meters are also a problem for the fire department when responding to emergencies.

Anytime the fire department gets called out to a home on an emergency call the first thing they're going to do is go to the gas meter and shut the gas off, so you want to make sure it's clear of snow and ice so that they can access it easily,” said Shepard.

Shepard said some parts of Utah are more at risk for having problems with the gas meters during the winter months.

The biggest problem we have with snow and ice on meters is in the higher altitude areas,” he said. “Park City, Alta, Ogden Valley area, but it's not uncommon to have that problem in the valley during a high snow year.”

If you live in high altitude areas, Questar has a recommendation: build a shelter to protect your meter from damage.

It's just a strong shelter that has a roof on it and it allows snow and ice to fall off of it,” said Shepard.

If you would like some advice with how to set up a shelter or safely removed ice from your gas meter, call Questar at 801-324-5111. 

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