Prosecutors: Dad dozing while child left alone

Prosecutors: Dad dozing while child left alone

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) - A man was charged with failing to take care of his child. He allegedly was drunk and passed out while she was playing with ducks at a pond.

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) - Prosecutors say tragedy was averted when someone stepped in.

A three-year old child was found alone playing with ducks at a public pond. Police claim her father was nearby sleeping after a binge with alcohol.

"If your supervising a child around water and intoxicated, you can't do that," says Chief Deputy District Attorney Jeff Hall.

Prosecutors say that's what Eric Reed was doing at Fairmont Park. Reed was at the park with his three year old daughter.
Prosecutors say he drank, passed out while his daughter played. But someone was watching her.

"The citizen relayed to police that they saw this child, this 3 year old was playing by the duck pond, feeding the ducks next to the water," Hall says.

Court documents say the concerned citizen took her to a nearby bank and police were notified.
All this while Eric Reed slept.

"Clearly being intoxicated, he wasn't able to take any kind of action," says Hall. "Had something happened maybe tragedy nearly averted. thanks to a citizen."

Reed was charged with neglect of a disabled child, a third degree felony.

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