Police investigate middle schooler drug trafficking ring

Police investigate middle schooler drug trafficking ring

PROVO, Utah (ABC 4 News) – Provo Police are investigating a fourteen-year old that was arrested for drug trafficking. The teen was using sixth graders to help him.

PROVO, Utah (ABC 4 News) – Drugs have no age limits as witnessed by Provo Police who said a 14-year-old student was involved in drug deals.

The 8th grade Centennial Middle School boy allegedly gave money to a group of 6th grade boys to buy marijuana and spice for him.

The teen would meet the 6th grade boys at Franklin Elementary School at 600 West and 300 South and give them money. The boys would then buy the drugs from an unknown dealer at a drug house in the city.

As payment, the 14-year-old would give some of the drugs to the 6th graders. It was a cycle happening since October.

Police said they are still trying to determine who the drug dealer is. They charged the 14-year-old with felony distribution and child endangerment.

“That’s shocking and so sad,” Miriam Birch, a Provo parent said.

ABC 4 News Reporter Cristina Rendon learned children in Provo are joining gangs as young as the 5th or 6th grade.

Brian Wolken, a Special Ops Bureau Commander with Provo Police, said few that young dabble in the drug world.

“This is very rare,” he said. “In my career I’ve done hundreds of drug cases and this is one of two or three I’ve seen with kids this young.”

Parents said they feel the bad choices of a group of students should not reflect negatively on Franklin Elementary. A letter explaining the situation went home with students today.

A district spokesman said the Centennial teen and eight Franklin Elementary 6th graders have been suspended due to the accusations.

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