Oil spill relocates Utah weddings; Chevron pays the difference

Oil spill relocates Utah weddings; Chevron pays the difference

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - Local brides are the newest victims of the Red Butte oil spill.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - Local brides are another victim of the Red Butte Oil Spill.  They found out last week their receptions planned at the Garden Park LDS Church this week would smell of oil, so they had to be relocated and Chevron stepped in to help.

Thursday is a big day for Stephanie Tibbs, it's the day before her wedding.  Everything was set to go, until the oil spill along Red Butte Creek.

Tibbs said, "I got a call last Thursday saying I had a wedding planner and my venue had changed, I bawled."

After months of planning, Tibbs had seven days to completely change her plans.

Tibbs explains, "The biggest stress, I had already sent out my invitations so I had to resend 450 invitations within 24 hours."

The new invitations are out and she has a new location, the Grand America.  But, changing this close to wedding day comes with a price tag and that's where Chevron comes in.

Tibbs said, "Chevron has been great and they are paying for the change of venue."

Dan Johnson the Public Affiars manager for Chevron explained what they were doing for the brides.  He said, "we're handling most of the expenses associated with moving from those beloved places to what will hopefully be new beloved places."

Although the wedding is still on, for Tibbs it won't be the same.

Tibbs said, "It will still be pretty, but Garden Park is absolutely beautiful. It has history."

Johnson says Chevron realizes the problems the oil spill is causing.  He said, "We know we can't make up for what has happened here, we are trying too just a little bit." 

Tibbs isn't the only bride whose wedding has been moved because of the oil spill.  Chevron is helping 11 brides relocate.  Each one getting the help of a wedding planner and Chevron picking up the bill for the extra cost.

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