Extreme Heat: See how fast hot cars can turn deadly

Extreme Heat: See how fast hot cars can turn deadly

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) - Don't try this at home or anywhere else for that matter. Marcos Ortiz demonstrates the health risks, danger.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) – Rising temperatures mean trouble for a child left inside a car.

And to prove that ABC 4 Utah volunteered to go inside a hot vehicle and to see first hand what it does to a person.

I called Salt Lake City fire to see if they would assist in this experiment. They obliged by sending a team of paramedics.

“Before we begin we want to get some baseline vitals on you to help us in the event there's an issue,” John Zwahlem of the fire department told me. “It helps us know where we started just to have an idea of where you're at so we can be safe and also to provide the best care if something does go wrong.”

Playing it safe, that's what the paramedics wanted before I jumped into the car.

They checked my blood pressure and heart rate.

“Your blood pressure is a little high but it’s pretty good,” Jonathan Davies another paramedic told me.

And they also checked my body temperature.

“It’s 98.8, you’re about average,” Davies tells me.

“So I've been cleared to do this and let me go inside the car and sit down. It's a little warm outside. Let's see what it's like in here. It’s close to 128 degrees.”

What I noticed once inside the car was the lack of air and I could feel already feel sweat on my brow.

“Paramedics just told me we're approaching the five minute mark. You can see the color in my face. My ears are starting to turn red. If you take a look at my hands … the sweat is starting to gather.”

Paramedics advised me that it I had been in the vehicle for 12 minutes.

“My thinking is slowing down. I'm not as coherent as I would want to be. I can tell I'm struggling. I think we need to wrap this up here because definitely I can feel a change.”

After 12 minutes of 134 degrees I called it quits. Paramedics checked my vitals to make sure I was okay and I was except for my body temperature.

“I don't think you were in trouble but it would have been time to pull you out as my partner said we were going to pull you out,” Zwahlen tells me. “We can see your hand gestures slowing down.”

My advice to you: don’t try this at home or anywhere else.
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