Meth bust sends family into poverty

Meth bust sends family into poverty

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - A father of three who was arrested for meth is making it tough on his family.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) – A meth bust has left behind a family scraping to survive.

In February, David Ward was arrested for cooking meth at his Olympus Cove home. Police also found his three children in the home and were decontaminated once they were removed.

His ex-wife Jocelyn Jackman-Ward is now trying to get her life back in order after getting her children back.

“It’s been difficult,” says Jackman-Ward.

She remembers getting a call from police telling her there had been an accident.

"It was terrifying,” she says. “I didn't know what to think.”

When she arrived at Ward’s house she saw fire trucks and police. Ward was arrested for cooking meth. But she couldn't get to her three children.

“It didn't get better because they had been contaminated because of the meth in the house,” she says. “I couldn't see the children."

Eventually she donned a hazmat suit and helped get them washed.

Today, Jackman-Ward and her children are back together but barely surviving.

She says Ward lost his job after the arrest and child supports dried up. She says money is tight.

“I can't pay all my vital bills,” she says. “We're getting food from a food bank and we've been struggling since then.”

She says this is what happens when someone in the family turns to drugs.

Families become victims. She's a single parent with three kids and nearly broke.

Jackman-Ward she was caught off guard by his alleged drug habit.

"I have not had any direct contact with him for two years,” she says.

Desperate to make ends meet she created a website and reached out to strangers on the internet.

“There's an element of shame about this,” she says.

But she's doing it for her children and strangers are answering her plea.

“I have been overwhelmed by all the support from these anonymous people,” says Jackman-Ward. “It's been incredible.”

As for David Ward he is now out of jail but has not been charged. A spokesman for the Unified Police Department says they plan to move forward with charges but are waiting for lab results from items found at his home.
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