Man arrested for making bomb threats at SLC Marathon

Man arrested for making bomb threats at SLC Marathon

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - Police discovered a bomb threat days before the SLC Marathon.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - Days before the Salt Lake City Marathon a bomb threat came to their headquarters.

It came on the heels of the Boston Marathon explosions that left three dead and numerous injured.

And police took the threat as serious.

It resulted in the arrest of George Zinn who is known by police for his mischievous behavior.

But this time he may have gone too far.

"He says ‘oh I made a joke," according to Gordon who didn’t want his last name used.

The so-called joke was this: according to police Zinn "sent an email to the SLC Marathon Marketing group requesting to place bombs at the finish line of the SLC marathon.

“He shouldn't be making comments like that,” says Bobbie West, a neighbor. “Maybe something is bothering him.”

Whether is was a joke or a real threat, it came days after the Boston Marathon explosions that left three dead and numerous injuries.

His neighbor talked with Zinn a day before his arrest.

"I chewed him out and I said this is not a subject that anyone's taking lightly," says Gordon the neighbor. "This is not joke material. Right now this nation is at it's knees."

ABC4 News found George Zinn's facebook on the web. It's filled with pictures with political events. He's even seen in pictures with the Governor, U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch and is in the background with President Obama shaking hands to a crowd.

If you google his name you can learn that Zinn was tossed out of a hotel at the National Republican Convention for trespassing.

At City Creek's grand opening he was escorted off the premises and recently was jailed for refusing to pay fares while riding Traxx.

"He pushes police too," says Gordon. "He pushes. He thinks he has all kinds of rights."

But this time Zinn could be facing a second degree felony charge for making bomb threats prior to Salt Lake City's Marathon.

"He wouldn't have done this," says his neighbor Gordon. "He wouldn't have done a bombing, no. But the only harm in him is he's kind of a nuisance."

Late Monday, the Salt Lake District Attorney filed second degree felony charges against Zinn for making terrorists threats.
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