Man accused of making threats inside school classroom

Man accused of making threats inside school classroom

MIDVALE Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Children sat inside their classroom watching a man allegedly throwing things and making threats at their teacher.
MIDVALE Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – A man is accused of terrorizing an elementary school Thursday morning.
It caused East Midvale elementary to go into soft lockdown for about an hour.
Minutes before school started Thursday morning Dora Guerrero who just finished dropping off her child was told to get inside the library.

“We all ran inside to the library and were told not to leave,” she says.

Unified Police claim Trent Davis was inside a classroom allegedly throwing things around and making verbal threats.
A district spokesman says the kids were not in danger.

“The teacher and school psychologist who were there at the time were able to manage the situation appropriately so that the children were out of harms way,” says Jeff Haney with the Canyons School District.

A police report filed with the jail claims Davis was “intoxicated and swearing and yelling at the top of his lungs. (He) entered a classroom and was searing at the teacher and knocked a stack of papers off a desk causing the teacher alarm and panic. (He) told the teacher she was lucky he didn’t f--- her up. He left the school continuing to yell and swear.”

School officials say the students remained in the classroom watching all this before Davis left. Police say Davis went home but allegedly made another threatening call to the school.

“It was real to the school of course it involved a firearm so we had a significant response to that aside from locking down the school,” says Ken Hansen with Unified Police.

The police report was more specific: “(He) told administration that they were lucky he didn’t have a gun and lucky he wasn’t a gun freak that would come shoot up a school. (He) told the school that if they gave him problems they would have to answer to him.”

Davis was arrested at his home. His brother says it's a custody issue.

“His main motivation was he was still upset when (ex-wife) took his child the previous night and he went over there to see his kid,” says the brother who didn’t want to be identified.

The district requires every visitor, even parents to check in with the office. But school officials admit it didn't happen in this case. Parents now question the safety of their school.

"It's not being watched, it's not secure,” says Heather Thomson whose child attends East Midvale.

School officials say they're reviewing their policy.

“We want to make sure what we're doing has protected students and employees in large measure,” says Haney. “At the same time (we are) not making it look like a jail.”

Davis remains in the Salt Lake Metro jail. He was booked in for making terroristic threats, disorderly conduct, public intoxication and disrupting the operation of a school.
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