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Lawyer: Vaillancourt dealing with physical and emotional pain

DRAPER, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Just day after the Johnson Family laid Draper Police Sergeant Derek Johnson to rest, we learn more about one of the suspects in the cast.
DRAPER, UTAH (ABC 4 Utah)- Just days after the Johnson Family laid Draper Police Sergeant Derek Johnson to rest, we learn more about one of the suspects in the cast.

Police say imothy Walker shot and killed Johnson. But they also say he shot his on-again-off-again girlfriend, Tracy Vaillancourt. This weekend, she was charged with obstruction of justice.

Police initially identified her as a victim, but they say she kept changing her story and was not forthcoming with evidence when they interviewed her on three separate occasions. Her lawyer, Matthew Kober, tells ABC 4 Utah that Vaillancourt is still recollecting the events from the day Sgt. Johnson was killed.

35 year-old Tracy Vaillancourt now sits in the medical unit in Utah County Jail after being shot once through the back and into her shoulder.

“She's in a wheelchair and she has an arm sling on. She suffered a gunshot wound and is starting to recover,” said Vaillancourt’s defense attorney Matthew Kober.

Sunday was the first day her lawyer Matthew Kober had a chance to sit down with her. He was the first person besides police, medical staff, and jail employees.

“We just spent a lot of time trying to go through all the facts as she knows them and her recollection and her perception of exactly what happened,” said Kober.

Her recollection is why Unified Police tell us Vaillancourt faces obstruction of justice charges. They say she hindered their investigation by leaving out details and changing her account of what happened when Sgt. Johnson was killed. Kober says police prevented him from talking to his client while they interrogated her.

“Once we got retained, we made several attempts to police to put us in contact with Tracy which were all unsuccessful,” said Kober.

Unified Police say they wouldn’t let anyone near Vaillancourt for her own safety. And they claim, they didn’t know Kober was representing her until Monday. Now, Kober says he’s playing catch-up while waiting for a probable cause statement that details what police say his client did wrong.

“We're eager to find out what those allegations are and we're still trying to obtain what that evidence is from the police and the district attorney's office,” said Kober.

But for now, he says Vaillancourt is heavily medicated and feels a great deal of sorrow.

“She expressed sympathy to Sgt. Johnson and her family and that's part of the emotional pain she's going through right now,” said Kober.

Kober was not able to give ABC 4 Utah any information on the child Vaillancourt and Walker shared. He says he plans to visit with her again Tuesday as he waits for paperwork from the district attorney’s office to prepare for Vaillancourt’s defense.
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