House Republicans nix food stamp program

House Republicans nix food stamp program

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) - Food stamps are the new target of House Republicans. Last week, they voted to eliminate funding for the program.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) - Jackie Sanchez will have a full meal tonight.
He's on food stamps and his state issued Horizon card was just replenished with his $200 monthly allowance.
But he’s now worried after House Republicans in Congress voted last week against funding the program.

“I think they're doing it very wrong because lots of low income people that need it,” he says. “It will affect me greatly."

One in ten Utahans rely on food stamps but last week in a partisan vote, House Republicans voted lock step to eliminate funding for food stamps and other nutritional programs.

Represenatives Jason Chaffetz and Chris Stewart voted along party lines. Rep. Rob Bishop didn't vote on the food stamp issue. But Rep. Bishop did vote for the farm bill where the food stamp funding was deleted.
Democrat Jim Matheson voted against the farm bill because food stamps were excluded.

“I don't understand why Republicans are so anxious to gut this program,” says Gina Cornia, executive director of Utahns Against Hunger. “The Congressional Budget Office projects the SNAP program will only represent 1.7% of federal spending in the next ten years.”

Currently House Republicans have no plan to resurrect the food stamp program. But the U.S. Senate has passed their own farm bill that includes funding for food stamps and other programs. President Obama has also issued a warning to House Republicans that the bill is dead on arrival if it reaches his desk.

Sanchez who is on disability says finding a job has been difficult.

“I’ve applied at a lot of jobs but no one ever returns my calls,” he says.

For now, he hopes Congress will see fit to do the right thing. Otherwise he'll be hitting the streets.

“For a while when I wasn't getting them (food stamps) I was panhandling just to get something to eat,” Sanchez says. “I may have to do that again.”
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