Hiker stranded since Sunday rescued

Hiker stranded since Sunday rescued

NORTH OGDEN Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - A hiker with no food and water was rescued after 3 days.
NORTH OGDEN Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - A hiker who was stranded Sunday was rescued Tuesday afternoon.

Weber County search and rescue was dispatched to North Ogden divide trailhead after receiving a 911 call.

After a treacherous rescue the 43-year old hiker was taken to the hospital for an injured ankle and arm.

"He was talking he seems to be pretty well," says Brandon Woods of the Weber County search and rescue. "He's not sure how long he's been up here."

Authorities say he set out Sunday afternoon for a short hike. But he got off the trail, injured his ankle and became stranded.

"He didn't have a backpack, no food or water," says Sgt. Brandon Scott. "He didn't have water and when you're out hiking in the heat, you'll need quite a bit of water."

But he managed to survive. Earlier rescuers were skeptical that he could have survived all that time without a supply of food and water.

"He ran out the first day," says Woods.

Authorities also say he was about a quarter mile from the highway and with hikers all around they wondered why he didn't call out for help. Another question, where were his friends who had dropped him off Sunday. Scott says no one called to notify that he was missing.

"He isn't making a lot of sense at this point and that could be because of the heat," says Scott.

Search and rescue had to put him in a gurney and then lower him down the mountain.

"You can probably see the terrain is pretty rugged," says Woods. "He was on a small cliff shelf with a vertical drop right after that."

But once rescuers saw his condition they understood that he became disoriented causing his behavior.

"He does look to be in pretty good condition for being out for a few days," says Woods. "But I do believe he was out here for a few days.

The 43-year old was transported by a medical helicopter to a hospital where he'll be treated for his injuries to his ankle and arm.

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