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Heat Safety Tips for Your Furry Friends

With Utah's record high temperatures it's important to think about the safety of our four legged friends.
SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (ABC 4 UTAH) - With Utah's record high temperatures it is mportant to think about the safety of our four legged friends. ABC 4 Utah met up with animal experts at the Humane Society of Utah for some tips to helping your pet survive the summer heat.

A barking dog may not be able to alert you if it's in danger of heat exhaustion and you’re nowhere to be found. Carl Arky from the Humane Society of Utah says if you’re hot, your dog is hot too. "It's a living breathing creature you can say it's just a dog but it's a living animal and it is as susceptible to the elements as you are, says Arky.

Arky says in high temperatures dogs and other animals don't sweat like humans and can suffer heat stroke a lot faster. “Be considerate of your animals if you can bring them indoors leave them indoors in an air conditioned environment," he goes on to say. 

Arky also says make sure your pet has plenty of cool water at all times, exercise them only in the early morning or late at night and avoid leaving your dog inside a vehicle. “It takes just a few minutes in a car with a cracked window for brain damage and possible death,” says Arky.

Humane Society of Utah's Clinic Director Pauline Edwards says if you know your pet is in trouble you need to act quickly. She says “The first thing to do is cool them off. And you can do that by soaking them down with water. If you've got ice you can do that. One thing that works real well is to put alcohol on the pads of their paws.” Edwards goes on to say giving your pet water is important but not too much or it can lead to shock. “As soon as you have them stabilized get them to a veterinarian because you don't know what kind of damage may have already happened.”

Additionally the Humane Society of Utah says if you do see an animal in a vehicle the best thing to do is call animal control or your local law enforcement.

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