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Hazmat crews detonate dangerous Chemical at Salt Lake Business

A hazmat situation had firefighters on high alert after a fire at Quality Distribution Incorporated lead to the threat of an explosion.
SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH  (ABC 4 UTAH)  - A hazmat situation west of  Salt Lake International Airport had firefighters on high alert after a fire at Quality Distribution Incorporated lead to the threat of an explosion.

A plume of black smoke could be seen just after 8 Monday morning after the Salt Lake City Fire Department and several other agencies exploded dozens of containers of Trigonox. Jasen Asay with the Salt Lake City Fire Department says the chemical is a dangerous organic peroxide that was found leaking inside the Salt Lake business. He tells ABC 4 Utah We were able to remove around 40 of these containers which contains five gallons of the chemical put them into a ditch and we were able to do a controlled detonation.”

Asay, says the chemical leak was discovered Sunday while fire investigators were trying to determine the cause of the fire. “We believe the air conditioning system inside this building was not functioning properly so the containers, a couple of the containers were compromised with the chemical inside,” says Asay.

As a result of the heat Asay says the chemicals leaked and that is when the threat of the explosion began. He also says- as sunrise approached the threat increased because the chemical is sensitive to sunlight. “When this chemical gets above 95 degrees it can self heat and it keeps getting hotter and hotter, and when you combine that with wood or cardboard or anything that's flammable that can start a fire,” says Asay.

About 2,000 feet surrounding quality distribution was initially evacuated as a precautionary. Crews continue to examine the containers left remaining inside Quality Distribution Inc. to see if they have been compromised and need to be safely ignited. Any remaining containers not compromised will be placed in refrigerated trailers until stabilized.


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