Halloween at Goodwill

Halloween at Goodwill

You can find everything you need for Halloween at Goodwill.
Easter Seals Goodwill stores are the place to shop for Halloween costumes.

On Midday Friday, there were several examples of costumes you can find.. all $25 or less. 

From little fairies to military men, to witches to zombies... you can find a great costume for everyone in your family.

And, if you take in a donation, you will get 20 percent off your entire purchase.

100 percent of the money made at Easter Seals Goodwill goes back to the organization it helps.  Those include help for families with children with autism and other developmental problems, seniors, pediatric services and help for people who need to get back up on their feet.  Goodwill also provides jobs.

There are two locations in Utah with more on the way!  To find a store near you, please visit: Easter Seals Goodwill.
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