Family seeks answers to their mother's murder

Family seeks answers to their mother's murder

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - The bodies were discovered by the woman's son and it's a scene he's having a hard time forgetting.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) – It was a scene that still haunts Frankie Griego.

Three weeks ago, Ralph Salazar's home went up in flames at 2811 E. Kisel Drive.

Firefighrters soon learned there were two bodies inside the house and both had been shot.

Salazar was one of those found dead. He was buried just before Christmas.

His girlfriend, Alice Griego was also inside the home. She will be buried Friday.

"The past few years of her life were the best years of her life with Ralph,” recalls her son Frankie Griego. “He treated her good. He was a good guy."

The double murder has been extremely difficult for both families.

But for Frankie Griego it's taken more difficult. He found the bodies inside the home.

"It was pretty bad,” says Griego. “It's the worst possible thing I could see in my life. I have nightmares. I dream about it. I think about it almost everyday. It's the worst thing a person could ever see."

As to who may have murdered Salazar and Griego police have no suspects and continue to investigate.

“We have questioned family members,” says Lt. Justin Hoyal.

But he says that’s normal in any murder investigation.

“We are looking for anyone who may have information about this,” he says.

And that is what terrifies the Griego family. The killer is still out there and it has caused them to proceed with caution.

“It's hard to cope,” Griego says. “Especially because we don't know who did it and they're still out there. That's the hardest part."
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