FBI: Jewelry thieves confessed to Ogden heist

FBI: Jewelry thieves confessed to Ogden heist

OGDEN Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Fingerprints in exchange for diamond rings may have seemed to be a fair trade at the time. But Ogden police used the prints to track down the thieves who the FBI suspects of committing numerous robberies nationwide.
OGDEN Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Two men are in custody accused of a December jewelry store heist.

An FBI affidavit filed in U.S. District Court shows David Thomas and Jerome Faison may be involved with jewelry store robberies across the nation.

But they didn’t impress Ogden police.

"They didn't even wear gloves,” says John Harvey of the police department. “Their fingerprints were all over the case."

But in December the two suspects managed to get away despite leaving clues. In surveillance video released by Ogden police the two suspects zeroed in on a display case at Morgan Jewelers at the Newgate Mall.

“(They were) cutting the silicone sealant around the jewelry case and lifting the glass out,” says Harvey. “(They were) lifting it up so they can grab the jewelry.”

The December heist happened during working hours at the jewelry store.

“This crew would rely on others to distract the clerk and the jewelry store,” says Harvey.

In the FBI affidavit, the two jewelry thieves took $125,000 in diamond rings and other jewelry. Police zeroed in on the two suspects Thomas and Faison after an Ogden detective realized this kind of jewelry heist was common all across the country.

“It was an unusual m.o. (method of operation,” says Harvey. “You don't normally see people do this kind of stuff.”

The affidavit says Faison, Thomas and a woman were arrested casing six jewelry stores at a mall in Maryland.

According to the FBI Thomas and Faison each "admitted ...he stole jewelry from Morgan Jewelers" and "transported the jewelry to Philadelphia where he sold half of the stolen jewelry and New York where he sold the other half of stolen jewelry."

“You would call them professionals because they've done this since they were juveniles but they're not very good at it," says Harvey.

A federal indictment is expected in the coming weeks.

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