Extreme rope jumping at Corona Arch claims life

Extreme rope jumping at Corona Arch claims life

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - The extreme sport of rope jumping at Corona Arch claimed the life of a West Jordan man.
SALT LAKE CITY Utah (ABC 4 News) – Something went terribly wrong and it cost a 22-year old West Jordan man his life.

Sunday Grand County Sheriff’s office reported that Kyle Stocking died after a rope swinging incident at Corona Arch.

“I was shocked when I heard about it but I knew it could happen,” says Thad James who along with his father operate Utah’s High Adventures.

Both men have done the extreme rope jumping at Corona Arch near Moab. And at one time ran tours for people seeking to rope swing off the ledge and through the arch.

"It's one of the biggest rushes I've felt in my entire life,” says Chuck James, Thad’s father.

But they also admit it is very dangerous.

The Grand County Sheriff's office reported that Stocking may have “miscalculated and when Kyle swung under the arch he struck the ground … receiving fatal injuries,” Sheriff Steven White said in his press release.

Chuck James says his company promoted safety when they operated extreme rope swinging vacations at Corona Arch.

But he says the BLM stopped private companies from offering these vacations.

“They could see the writing on the wall,” says James.

Chuck James says without proper supervision like their company once offered anyone can jump

“But it’s at their own risk,” James says.

Austin Baird claims he first posted the Youtube extreme rope jumping video and has had more than a million hits.

“It tells me people are wanting to have fun,” Baird says. “They're looking to get outside, looking for something out of the norm.”

But Baird like the James says safety is vital when doing extreme rope jumping.

“I’m sad for the family,” says Baird. “But

when you're outside you can't lose sight … it’s your responsibility, your safety is your own responsibility.”

A BLM spokesman says they will reevaluate the best way to manage the property.
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