Despite government shutdown Utah Guard members deploy to Colorado

Despite government shutdown Utah Guard members deploy to Colorado

CAMP WILLIAMS, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Utah National Guard members deploy back to Colorado Friday morning to help rebuild roads destroyed by flooding.
CAMP WILLIAMS, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Despite the government shutdown 120 Utah National Guard members deployed back to Colorado Friday morning.

Once there, Engineer Battalion 1457th will help rebuild roads destroyed by last months flooding.

Last week these same soldiers dropped off vehicles and equipment, but had to return back to Utah days later due to budget cuts and the possibility of a government shutdown. Now with the government shutdown in its fourth day, how is it all being payed for?

"This is being paid for through state funds and the two governors in Colorado and in Utah made arrangements to be able to still fund this mission and make sure the citizens of Colorado get taken care of," said Lt.Col. Hank McIntire, a spokes person for the Utah National Guard.

Having already been to Colorado to assess the damage, Captain Blake Bingham says he knows exactly what they are in store for when they arrive.

"A lot of the road has been washed out. There has been a couple communities which are pretty much stranded between the two points of where the main damage has occurred,"said Capt. Bingham.

Now Guard members are looking forward to getting their boots back on the ground to complete their mission. "We're just excited to get down there and really do what we do best," said Capt. Bingham.

The Utah National Guard members are expected to arrive in Colorado Friday night and their mission is expected to last up to three weeks.
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