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Davis School District halts plans to cut bus stop

SYRACUSE, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - A group of Utah parents concerned over their kids' safety are breathing a sigh of relief-- at least temporarily.
SYRACUSE, Utah (ABC 4 News) - A group of Utah parents concerned over their kids' safety are breathing a sigh of relief-- at least temporarily.

The Davis School District had plans to eliminate a bus stop forcing their kids to walk on a busy road. The change would affect dozens of children just two weeks before they head back to class at Sand Springs Elementary.

“There's no sidewalk there, they have to walk out on the street to get there,” said Mike Lamborn

Parents gathered over the weekend to plead their case to ABC 4 Utah. Most of the 60 kids affected by the change live within a mile and a half of the school and parents say they'd be fine with their kids walking, but only if the sidewalk was complete.

Just one day after the ABC 4 Utah story aired, parents got the news they were hoping for. On Monday, the district announced plans to keep the bus stop, but only for a year while it discusses building the small amount of sidewalk needed with the city of Layton.

“We're going to talk to the city and say ‘is there a way that maybe you could find and build two-tenths of a mile of sidewalk, so that kids can have sidewalk all the way to school?’” said Chris Williams, Davis School District spokesperson.

In the meantime, the district will be forking up the $14,000 dollars is costs to keep the bus stop for the next year—money it was hoping to budget.

The parents say they know it's not a small price, but one that will protect their kids and they're just happy their concerns were heard.

“Fortunately because of ABC 4, it gave us a voice, it made them realize that this is an actual safety issue, it's not just a couple of concerned parents,” said Lara Mountford, a parent.

ABC 4 Utah asked the district why the change of heart so fast. The spokesperson said after hearing the parents concerns, officials drove the route Monday and agreed to rethink their plans.

ABC 4 Utah reached out to the city of Layton to get their thoughts on building a sidewalk in the area, but calls were not immediately returned.
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