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Damages estimated $20K after restaurant fire

OGDEN, Utah (ABC 4 Utah)- Tony's Pizza learned a new meaning for Piping Hot Pizza. The pizza place caught fire on 403 39th Street according to the South Ogden fire department.
 (South Ogden Fire Department)
(South Ogden Fire Department)
OGDEN, Utah (ABC 4 Utah)- Tony’s Pizza on 403 39th Street learned a new meaning for piping hot pizza when it caught fire today.

The South Ogden Fire Department says that an employee saw flames coming out of a pipe in their gas oven. Workers tried to extinguish it themselves before calling the fire department.

It took less than twenty minutes to extinguish the fire with 15 firefighters from Ogden City, South Ogden, and Riverdale Fire Departments. South Ogden Fire Department estimates the total damage at $20,000, with fire damage up to the attic and smoke damage to nearby businesses.
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