Beautifying South Salt Lake at what cost?

Beautifying South Salt Lake at what cost?

SOUTH SALT LAKE Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - The city has a plan to polish it's image. But some residents don't like what they're seeing.

SOUTH SALT LAKE Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Robert Jolley wants to be left alone.
But he says South Salt Lake city government isn't being a good neighbor.

“I call it harassment,” Jolley says. “I keep getting calls from code enforcement and then they bring the board of health.”

He claims South Salt Lake code enforcement is making his life miserable.

“They keep sending notices and keep calling,” he says.

There are his weeds.

I try to clean it,” he says. “I mow it.”

Jolley claims his trees out front, a large shed in the back, even his unlicensed car in his driveway are targets of code enforcers.

“They're giving me notices,” Jolley says.

He says it all started about two years ago when he says the city demolished an abandoned house in his back yard.

Jolley says ever since then the city keeps pestering him.

“I try to keep everything clean, keep everything cleaned up,” he says.

Lynn Cressen, South Salt Lake’s city attorney says no one has bothered Jolley in quite some time. But he says there have been complaints from neighbors about too many cats at Jolley’s home. He says the health department has been investigating that issue and not the city.

A few blocks away, Jason Canada claimed he was told his front yard xeriscaping violated a city ordinance and had to rip it out.

“So we went from a nice front yard of material landscaping to sod,” Canada says. “And with sod you have to water everyday and we haven’t been able to keep it up.”

South Salt Lake's city's housing director says no one would ever tell him to remove the xeriscaping. He says the city would recommend modifications instead of completely eliminating someone’s project.

Canada says the city’s xeriscaping policy doesn’t make sense.

“Not allowing xeriscaping is a bit ridiculous,” Canada says. “We are in a desert. There's not a lot of rainfall out here.”
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