Attorney: feds investigating Steve Powell

Attorney: feds investigating Steve Powell

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) - It's Steve Powell's turn to come under the microscope. This time the attorney representing Chuck and Judy Cox says federal authorities are looking into his possible involvement into the disappearance of Susan Cox Powell
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) – It’s not over.
That’s what the attorney for Chuck and Judy Cox is telling reporters.

Anne Bremner says federal authorities are now investigating Steve Powell.

He is the father of Josh Powell who along with his brother was involved in the disappearance of Susan Cox Powell. She is Josh’s wife.

“This is not over,” Bremner told reporters from her office in Washington state.

And that suit’s Jennifer Graves just fine.

She is the daughter of Steve Powell who from the outset was convinced Josh was involved in Susan’s death.

“The biggest surprise they (West Valley police) didn't have enough to pull my dad into it and pursue him,” Graves says.

Monday, West Valley police closed down their active investigation into Susan’s death. It now is considered a cold case. Police did say Josh and Mike Powell were involved in her disappearance.

Steve Powell is currently serving time in a Washington prison for voyeurism.

“I'm still not convinced that he wasn't aware,” says Graves. “They just don't have anything on him. I don't know if my dad has information, he might still.”

Graves even went to West Valley police and suggested she wear a wiretap to get information from Josh.

“It was my idea,” she says.

She traveled to the Powell home in Washington wearing the wiretap.

“At first it was light pressure, trying to get him to react a little bit,” Graves says. “It was like pressure to show me some emotion, like is there anything in there, (pointing to her head), can I see anything?”

But she says Josh would just clam up, not say anything or reacting in any way.

“After awhile I laid aside all pretenses and said ‘where's the body, show me the body, tell me where the body is?’” Graves says.

But Josh refused to answer her. Graves says after that she was never welcomed to the home.
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