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Angel Moroni placed atop LDS temple in Ogden

OGDEN, Weber County (ABC 4 UTAH) - Crews working on the LDS temple renovation project lifted into place on Tuesday a 14-foot tall, 800 pound, fiberglass and gold leaf statue of the Angel Moroni.
OGDEN, Weber County (ABC 4 UTAH) - A milestone today for Mormon faithful in Ogden. Crews working on the temple renovation project lifted into place a 14-foot tall, 800 pound, fiberglass and gold leaf statue of the Angel Moroni.

It is one of the events in the construction of an Latter-day Saint temple that always draws a crowd.

It's not exactly publicized, but word gets out and there are always people such as Laree Hill who come to watch. "Just the whole thing is so exciting," said Laree. He husband, Reed Hill added, "This is amazing to see those people get up that high. I get nervous on a six-foot step ladder any more!"

The Hills brought friends with them from Plain City. They came prepared with cameras and even binoculars. They worked in the old Ogden LDS temple. Virginia Tanner explained, "We're just waiting for this one to get built so we can go back."

Virginia says their love of the Ogden temple began 43-years ago, "We sang at the dedication at the first temple here." That was in 1972. Reed Hill joked, "I was telling my wife and her friends here ... you're definitely in the latter days when you get to be our age."

Reed does not wish for the old days -- at least not when it comes to the temple. This one promises to be bigger with updated electrical and heating systems that will be more energy efficient. It will even have underground parking so above ground there's more room for gardens and a fountain.

Spencer Edwards of Ogden brought his young son, Ben to watch the statue installed atop the temple spire. "It's just a great experience to come here and see it happen," he said. "Because the temple is important to all of us.

And as the messenger who the faithful believe brought for the Book of Mormon for Joseph Smith to translate, Moroni is also important. His statue is a fitting exclamation point to most of the LDS temple around the world.

Yet even with the placing of the statue Tuesday, crews still have a long way to go on the Ogden temple renovation. It won't be finished until late next year.
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