Alleged shooter has history of mental illness

Alleged shooter has history of mental illness

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) - A man accused of planning a massive shooting in Salt Lake City was being treated for mental illness.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) – A man accused of plotting to go on a mass shooting spree appears to be battling mental illness.
Jack Harry Stiles is facing a second degree felony charge of terrorism for allegedly planning to kill people at three Salt Lake City locations. It all started last August.

“He had called 911 asking for help,” says Anni Butterfield with Pioneer Valley Hospital.

She says police brought Stiles to the West Valley hospital.

“Because of his mental health issues and the thoughts he was expressing of wanting to hurt people they (emergency room doctors) called a crisis workers,” she says.

That’s when the crisis worker learned the City Creek Mall, a movie house and a Trax train was on his target list to allegedly kill people.

“He had certainly taken steps to physically look where the exits where,” says Sim Gill, Salt Lake’s District Attorney. “(He looked to) where the best place to hide, where were the best places to do the things he wanted to do.”

A Chicago 2006 obituary lists Stile's mother. Police say Stiles wanted to kill people September 25th, an anniversary connected to his mother.

“Anniversaries of death or grief that a patient goes through sometimes are hard to deal with," says Butterfield.

But this may also be the work of a mentally unstable man. Two days after going to the hospital, a justice court judge ordered him to receive treatment at Valley Mental Health after a theft charge. He now lives in an apartment complex run by Valley Mental Health.
His neighbor was surprised to hear of the allegations.

“Scary I guess,” says Ryan. “I don't know if I didn't know he had it in him."

Stiles is behind bars in large part because of a medical worker who saw fit to break the sacred code of doctor patient confidentiality.

“We have the ability to contact police or another person if someone has a specific plan to hurt someone else,” says Butterfield.

During last week’s naval yard mass shooting it was learned that many knew of the alleged shooters behavior but failed to tell anyone.

“It's reassuring and uplifting that the system can work,” says Butterfield.

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