ActiveCare Helping Treat People With Diabetes

ActiveCare Helping Treat People With Diabetes

Accountable Care in Practice: Utah business improves patient health while reducing cost with remote monitoring.
Today, sitting in their doctors' offices, over 5,000 adults and 50 children in the United States are being told they have diabetes. Currently, throughout the country, there are over 25 million diabetics and another 79 million pre diabetics costing over $245 billion annually. Greater than an epidemic, by 2020 the number of diabetics is expected to increase to more than one in every three Americans. When left unmonitored and uncontrolled, diabetes becomes a gateway to other far-reaching chronic diseases.

Many thought that the debate over healthcare reform finished with the passage of the Affordable Care Act, but almost three years later there is more confusion than understanding. While the debate goes on, one basic fact remains the same; healthcare costs continue to increase at unprecedented rates. Currently three out every four healthcare dollars are spent treating chronic diseases such as diabetes, chronic heart failure and obesity. A local company headquartered in Orem is attacking the problem at its source. ActiveCare works with employers and their health plans to assist their members as they strive to combat these diseases.

Partnering with the employer and health plan, ActiveCare focuses on providing the individual member with the necessary tools and support needed to bring their disease under control. Within moments of testing, the member's blood glucose results are transmitted directly to the CareCenter. Each member has a profile identifying appropriate blood glucose ranges. When readings are outside of these predetermined ranges, CareSpecialists immediately reach out to the member.

Staffed around the clock, ActiveCare CareSpecialists receive the same training and certification as 911 operators. ActiveCare's CareCenter also includes a clinical staff of nurses and certified educators. Whether motivating and encouraging members to test, or assisting them in their time of need, this human touch and intervention has been proven to improve outcomes.

The ActiveCare solution brings insight and clarity to previously unknown risks to the healthcare plan, identifying plan members needing additional and why. A key part of the coming healthcare reform is the concept of " While this is most often used to refer to physicians or provider systems, it is just as applicable to individual healthcare plan members. The data and analytics provided by ActiveCare allow health plans to clearly identify those plan members not adhering to treatment plans. It's simple members who monitor their disease and are compliant with their treatment plan represent a lower risk and cost. If left uncontrolled individual members can cost health plans millions of dollars.

ActiveCare is located at 1365 West Business Park Drive in Orem.  (801) 322-7197  For more information, please visit: ActiveCare.

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