70-year old cold-cocked over handicap parking squabble

70-year old cold-cocked over handicap parking squabble

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) - An elderly man was assaulted after he asked someone about parking in a handicap parking zone.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) – Dennis Deyoung was curious about someone parking in a handicap zone.
The 70-year old needed a handicap space and had to park somewhere else.
And as Deyoung was about to enter the doctor's office, he saw the young man parked in the handicap zone and asked if should be there.

“He turned around and started calling me names, old so and so," he says.

Deyoung says the driver was waiting for his grandfather and was using the handicap zone.

When Deyoung went inside the driver Chase Phillips was in the lobby and Deyoung offered an apology. But he claims Phillips was still mad.

“We made it to the door and he kept on calling me names and I said I've had enough of you,” he says. “(I told him) good-bye and I turned around and I heard a little noise and bam he hit me."

Deyoung says Phillips punched him on the side of the head and he lost consciousness.

“It broke two bones in my leg, all five toes and my heel plate," he says.

Deyoung says Chase took off leaving his grandfather inside the clinic.
But earlier the 70-year old took down the license plate number which led to his arrest.

“He had a real temper problem this kid,” says Deyoung. “He needs to be looked at.”

Phillips has been charged with aggravated abuse of a vulnerable adult which is a second degree felony.
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