12-year old saves mom's life with CPR

12-year old saves mom's life with CPR

OGDEN Utah (ABC 4 News) - 12-year old C.J. Saulsgiver just learned CPR and it paid off as he used it to save his mother's life.
OGDEN Utah (ABC 4 News) – It was a birthday mother and son will never forget.
Tuesday, 12-year old C.J. Saulsgiver was at his home anticipating a birthday celebration.

“I was in the basement and I heard a boom," says C.J.

He went upstairs and found his mother lying on the floor.

“She was grape purple and she kept opening her mouth,” he recalls.

Christine Saulsgiver wasn’t breathing. He called 911. The dispatcher wanted to teach him CPR.

“And I said I already know how,” says C.J.

About three months ago the family took a course in CPR as a prerequisite to become foster parents. C.J. also became certified.

He started with a few hand thrusts while the dispatcher remained on speaker phone. He listened for her breathing.

“She started to breathe and I would blow air into her and she would blow out,” he says.

Paramedics from the Roy fire department arrived and took over. They were impressed.

“Really what C.J. did is he gave his mom every chance to survive before EMT’s got there,” says Jason Paulsen, fire chief.

And C.J.’s dad was full of pride as he stood by his son during a press conference at McKay-Dee hospital in Ogden.

“For a 12-year old kid to keep his mother alive and at the same time keeping back the 'what do I do' thing is amazing," says Doc Saulsgiver.

But it didn’t surprise CJ’s mom who remains hospitalized after suffering a heart attack.

“He's always been like that and he's just beyond his years," she says.

As for the 12-year old hero he says it wasn't easy at all.

“I tried my best,” says C.J. “I did what I thought they showed us what to do. But when I was doing it I was scared. I thought I was pushing to hard.”
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