The Perfect Look: Good Things Utah

The Perfect Look: Good Things Utah

As part of our ABC 4 Utah series on the Perfect Problem, we talk with two women about their quest to find a "Perfect Look".
On day three of our series on Utah's Perfect Problem, we talk with two women who have spent time, pain and money on their quest for the Perfect Look.

In Utah, in 2010, almost 320,000 Utah women went under the knife for the state's most popular procedure... breast augmentation.  Valerie Buck is one Utah woman who chose to have that type of surgery, she says, because her breasts were lop-sided.  Now she's a "c cup".  Valerie says her decision to have breast augmentation made her look older than she is and instead of relieving the pressure to look perfect, plastic surgery has intensified it.  Since her first surgery, she has had other procedures as well.

Maci Hakala has struggled with poor body image for as long as she can remember.  She says she has been striving to find the perfect look, which she describes as a standard set by mini-models in fashion magazines, music videos, movies and on television for as long as she can remember.  And, she says she'd be lying if she didn't want to look like them now.  Maci says the thought of being too fat often drowns her in a deep pit of despair.  She dove into destructive behaviors, eating disorders, binging and purging, diet pills and starving herself.  Maci also turned to plastic surgery.

Both women see how trying to be and look perfect is destructive, but neither have solutions for other women going through what they are.  They both have daughters and say they will try to teach them to be happy with who they are, and love their bodies for what they are.. but both admit that is a hard thing to do for many women.

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