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Perfect Family: Good Things Utah

Three Utah women share their experiences as they tried to have their Perfect Family. They each encountered struggles along the way, which led to depression. Now they are all moms, through different ways.
Katy Blakely is able to get pregnant easily, but is unable to give birth to healthy babies.  She carries the gene that causes Conradihunnerman Syndrome, a rare condition never before seen in Utah.  Most babies don't make it to birth, but both of Katy's sons did.  Kayson and Xander were born two years apart, but they were deaf and blind and suffering complications that cut their lives short.  Katy was depressed, then she and her husband became foster parents.  The joy of being a foster mom got Katy over her depression.  She and her husband have now adopted their foster daughter Maddie.

Kristen Colter gave birth to twins after years and years of trying to have a child.  But, only after In Vintro Fertilization.  She says it was difficult watching all of her friends become moms, and not being able to herself.  She says she was happy for her friends, but depressed that she was being left out of having a family.  She says women in her situation should not give up...

Jyllian Anderson couldn't have children either and it put her down in the dumps.  She and her husband spent several unsuccessful years and thousands of dollars on treatment trying to have a baby.  They finally opted for adoption, and with the help of social media, a blog documenting her journey, she finally got her little man Ace who is seven months old.
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