Toddler swing death stirs memories

Toddler swing death stirs memories

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - The death of a three year old on a playground swing is something Reed Cowan can relate to.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - The death of a three year old toddler on a swing set may require parents to look in their own backyard.

The toddler died two days after her father found her entangled on the swing in the family's backyard in Farr West.

In 2006, a swing claimed the life of Wesley Cowan. He was the son of former ABC4 reporter-anchor Reed Cowan.

"Those days were and remain the darkest days of my entire life," Cowan told ABC 4 News. "I wish I could run to the family and help them through what is a horrific experience and that is the loss of a child. There is no greater loss there is no greater pain."

Cowan didn't want his son's death to become another statistic.
His research showed that there were problems with the swing set that Wesley was playing on. He learned that the swing brand: Monkey Bars over Swing" were death traps for children.
Cowan says children were falling off the monkey bars and landing on the swing below.

"And so many kids have been entrapped, injured in my son's horrible case killed because of design," he says.

After a lengthy battle his research convinced the Consumer Protection Commission to issue an alert and have them removed from stores.

And despite a victory for his son, Cowan says the battle is still out there because the swings are still in backyards.

"Parents need to take it down, take it down," he says. "If that's the design they have in their backyard take it down, it's a killer."

It's unknown whether the swing set that claimed the life of the 3-year old toddler in Farr West was playing on a similar design that had been banned.
But there is more information available with the Consumer Protection Commission. Visit their website to learn more about these swing sets.
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