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Logan friends have another YouTube hit

LOGAN, Cache County (ABC 4 News) - Nick Garrett and friends have done it again. They've come up with another popular video now going viral on YouTube.
LOGAN, Cache County (ABC 4 News) - Nick Garrett and friends are on a roll.  They have come up with a 3rd video that is now going viral on YouTube.

This video was one part public service and two parts fun.  For a couple days, they went around Logan collecting in a rental truck all the leaves (mostly bagged) they could find.  (They also did a little raking.)

They then amassed a giant pile of those leaves -- about 17 feet tall -- and then let it fly!  They jumped from the roof of a house onto to the pile.  Not once, but several times.

This is more than just fun.  They also hope to make some money.  Not only do they get a few cents every time someone clicks on an ad associated with their YouTube video, but they're also talking to a Hollywood producer.  "He's trying to get us a TV show," said Nick.

We're keep you informed on their negotiations with the folks in Hollywood.

To see their YouTube video, click here.
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