Elizabeth Smart: 'My nine months of Hell'

Elizabeth Smart: 'My nine months of Hell'

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - The trial against Brian David Mitchell continued in federal court in Salt Lake City, as Elizabeth Smart took the stand once again to tell of her ordeal at the hands of the man prosecutors say kidnapped and raped her.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - The trial against Brian David Mitchell continued in federal court in Salt Lake City, as Elizabeth Smart took the stand once again to tell of her ordeal at the hands of the man prosecutors say kidnapped and raped her.

On Monday, Smart, her mother Lois and sister Mary Katherine all testified about the night Elizabeth was abducted.

Elizabeth also shared details of the sexual abuse she endured.

On Tuesday, Brian David Mitchell made a brief appearance before he was removed for his disruptive hymn singing.

After Mitchell's removal, Elizabeth Smart took the stand and as prosecutors continued questioning her.

Just before the court adjourned on Monday, Smart had shared details of her kidnapping and hike up into the mountains, where Mitchell performed a “marriage” before raping her.

Smart had testified that after she cried herself to sleep, she awoke with a cable around her ankle, which was tethered to another cable attached between two trees.

Smart testified that Mitchell gave her a new name “Shurjesha” which means 'our government [remnant] will return' from a biblical reading.

Later on, Elizabeth testified that she was able to chose another name.

“I asked the defendant, 'do I have to be that name?’ and he said I could have a middle name, however I couldn’t be Elizabeth or Ann and it had to be out of the bible. I chose Esther,” said Smart.

Smart said she often pleaded with Mitchell to allow her to return to her parents and told him how much she loved them and how much they meant to her.

Smart said Mitchell reacted patiently at first, but as the days and weeks went by, he became more agitated and didn’t want her to talk about them so much, and insisted that she refer to them as Ed and Lois instead of ‘Mom an Dad’ and to stop talking about them. Smart testified that there was one exception. “When he told me to refer them to ‘Mom and Dad’ it was only to be in public,” said Smart.

Smart also testified that Mitchell often used vulgar language, especially when he was drinking and while raping her.

Smart also said that Mitchell would often obtain pornography and show it to her.

When the prosecutor asked, “Did he say “I’m going to [expletive] your eyes out?”

“Yes,” said Smart. “He would say that when he came to the camp and after that…he would rape me.”

Smart testified that Mitchell removed the cable from her ankle and even gave her the key to unlock it. Even with her small liberties around the encampments, Smart said that Mitchell warned that he would kill her and her family if she tried to escape.

Smart also testified bout the sleeping arrangements in tent, where Mitchell would force Elizabeth to sleep furthest from the tent opening.

The plot to take Elizabeth's cousin

 (ABC 4 News)
(ABC 4 News)
"I watched him pack the green bag he had used to kidnap me. I saw him pack a sleeping bag and a change of clothing different from his robe. I saw him pack duct tape. I saw him pack a knife.” -Elizabeth Smart
Smart testified that sometime between July 23 and 24 Mitchell decided it was time to go and take out another young girl to be his wife.

Since Elizabeth had spoken about her cousin Olivia Wright, talking about when she was younger and would play with her and they very close. Through casual conversation, Smart also revealed that Olivia was her same age.

Smart testified, “On July 23, he prepared to go down to Salt Lake and kidnap my cousin. She lived very close to the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon. I watched him pack the green bag he had used to kidnap me. I saw him pack a sleeping bag and a change of clothing different from his robe. I saw him pack duct tape. I saw him pack a knife.”

Smart said that Mitchell asked her if she recognized the knife and the threats he made against her and her family. Smart said, “He repeated what he told me. He said, ‘you have a knife at your neck, don’t make a sound or I’ll kill you and your family. Get up and go with me.”

Smart testified that the duct tape was wrapped around a cardboard cylinder and placed in the bag, along with the same dark clothing Mitchell used to kidnap her, including the stocking cap, gloves, dark shirt, dark sweats and a linen robe.

Smart said Mitchell planned on kidnapping her cousin the same way he kidnapped Elizabeth, and then taking her up to their encampment.

Smart recounted what happened next.

“On July 24, he came back and said we were not ready to receive another wife. He talked about what happened. He said he snuck around the back and there was a window slightly opened. He opened it a little more there was a screen and so he cut the screen and then on other side of it there were blinds. He pushed the blinds to get in the room and on the window sill were some small figurines or small objects on the blinds. So when he pushed the blinds they fell off. It scared him. Nothing happened. All the objects fell off and he pushed it again and a lot of objects fell and he heard someone run down the hallway and lights come on. And he heard someone call ‘Jessica,’ and he said he had already started running away from the house. When he came back to the camp, he was wearing the dark clothing and hiking boots.”

Smart said that Mitchell chose July 24th to attempt her cousin’s kidnapping because he thought that because it was a holiday, the public wouldn’t be quick to respond.

Party time

 (Al Hartmann, Salt Lake Tribune)
(Al Hartmann, Salt Lake Tribune)
"He took the marijuana cigarette back and he said ‘you’re not inhaling it right. You’re just holding it in hour mouth,’ and he took it smoked it himself.” -Elizabeth Smart
Smart testified that on July 25, Mitchell insisted on destroying her pajamas to “sever all ties with all the world and that meant my family as well.” Smart said her pajamas were eventually burned. Smart said Mitchell took away her tennis shoes as well, but that she tore off a small piece of them to keep. Smart also testified that she found other small items to keep because, “I didn’t want to let go of my family; of my life.”

Smart testified that Mitchell eventually discovered these small items and ordered her to throw them away.

Smart testified that the trio eventually left camp to go to downtown Salt Lake City.

A prosecutor asked Smart whether Mitchell gave her instructions about how to behave as they went into public. Smart testified that, “If I try to run away I will be killed. He said I wasn’t to talk to anybody. I wasn’t to go anywhere without him that I needed to stay next to him at all times. I had some blue toenail polish that my younger sister had painted toenails with. There was a little on my toes and he said I needed to get rid of it. There couldn’t be any marks or signs that I was Elizabeth Smart. I was wearing the same linen robes that the defendant and his wife were wearing. I wore a head covering that his wife had made. It had a veil piece that covered below my eyes and the rest of my face. They also wore robes and she had a veil and wore hiking boots. I wore sandals. At the bottom of the canyon, the defendant wore sandals.”

Smart testified that the trio went to a Wild Oats store where Mitchell bought a six pack of Heineken beer, and that all of them went into a bathroom and he made each of them drink the beer. Smart said Mitchell insisted on drinking the beer, “Just to calm ourselves to keep ourselves composed. Not to be tense.”

Smart testified that later that night, the trio attended a rave party in Salt Lake City. “There was a young man who worked at wild oats and he and the defendant had been friends. They talked and knew each other. The young man thought him as a guru or a spiritual person so the young man told the defendant about the party and he said he could come if he wanted.” Smart testified that the Wild Oats employee was named Daniel Trotta, and that he passed food items over the digital scanner and placed them in a bag so Mitchell was not charged for them. Smart testified that Trotta would do this on other occasions, and that he supplied Mitchell with marijuana at times.

Smart testified that there were a lot of alcohol and drugs at the rave party, along with a lot of people she didn’t know. Smart said the party was held at 200 South and the bottom of the hill on 9th or 10th East.

Smart testified that she saw a lot of alcohol and smelled marijuana in the house where the party was held.

Smart testified that Mitchell immediately indulged in drinking alcohol and tried to get her to drink and take hallucinogenic drugs as well. Smart said Mitchell gave her a drink with some kind of hallucinogenic drug in it, but she did not drink it because it tasted bitter.

Smart testified that Daniel Trotta tried to talk to her at the party, but that Mitchell became very territorial, saying “This is my daughter, she can’t speak to you.”

Smart said that Trotta was flirting with her at the time.

Smart testified that Mitchell insisted that she stay next to him at the party, and that he ate a lot of food before they were asked to leave following an argument with another woman.

“He was telling her to repent but I don’t exactly remember. There was another girl who said ‘I think it’s time for you to go.’ She herded us all to leave. On the way out, he started chanting religious things to the girl, like ‘You’re an angel. ’She turned to him and said ‘I’m not an angel. Don’t come back,” said Smart.

Smart testified that Mitchell usually didn’t engage in religious talk until after he was drinking.

After the party, Smart described their trip back to the mountains.

“We left party and walked up to University of Utah. He was so drunk and high that he just he couldn’t walk in a straight line and wanted to take frequent breaks and sit down. We finally made it to the old University golf course and he wanted just to spend the night at golf course but his wife was quite upset with him. She was planning on taking me and hiking up to the mountains. We went to the mountains, and went to a different location where they stored water and a small tent. It was about 6 a.m. and we fell asleep. Two hours later, the defendant showed up. He and his wife started talking to one another and they decided to go back to Salt Lake."

Smart also testified concerning marijuana use between Mitchell, Barzee and herself.

“We smoked it at the camp,” said Smart. “I didn’t know if I inhaled it right. We got sort of …he was so high and he took the marijuana cigarette back and he said ‘you’re not inhaling it right. You’re just holding it in hour mouth,’ and he took it smoked it himself.”

When the prosecutor asked if Mitchell consecrated the marijuana before they used it, Smart answered, “No.”

Police officer talks to Elizabeth

Brian David Mitchell arrives at federal court in Salt Lake City (Bill Brussard, ABC 4 News)
Brian David Mitchell arrives at federal court in Salt Lake City (Bill Brussard, ABC 4 News)
“I felt like hope was walking out the door." -Elizabeth Smart
Smart described a time when Mitchell wanted to visit the Salt Lake City Library to research maps and find locations where he could find a new wife. Smart testified that Mitchell claimed to receive a revelation that he needed seven different wives from seven different cities.

Smart said Mitchell decided on San Diego. “He said it was a big city and that was a place to go,” said Smart.

“When we got to the library, we went to the bathroom and sat at a table and he took a little longer at the bathroom. I remember a man approaching us and the defendant was walking back. He introduced himself as a homicide detective. He wanted me to remove the veil to see my face.

The prosecutor asked, “What was wanda doing?

“Her hand was clenching my leg. I interpreted it to mean don’t say anything, don’t move; don’t do anything,” said Smart.

The prosecutor asked, “What was the officer doing?”

“He was looking for…. A couple of calls had come in…and he was looking for Elizabeth Smart. The defendant said (to cop) that was not allowed in our religion and only my husband could see my face.”

The prosecutor asked, “What did the cop do?”

“He asked if he could be part of my religion for a day so he could see my face," said Smart. "To go back and say no it wasn’t Elizabeth we were looking for. The defendant was very calm and very cool and he said, ‘No we aren’t able to do that.”

Smart testified that the police officer did not insist on looking under veil, and soon left. Smart said Mitchell told the police officer she was his daughter.

“I felt like hope was walking out the door. I was mad at myself that I didn’t say anything. Mad at myself for not taking a chance but I just felt like…I felt terrible. I felt terrible that the detective hadn’t pushed harder, and he just walked away. I felt mad at myself that I hadn’t done anything; that I hadn’t taken a chance. I thought something would have happened to me and to my family, but I was very upset,” said Smart.

After the trip to the library, Smart testified that the trio went back to one of their camps with a map of California that Mitchell took from the library.

Smart testified that the trio never returned to Salt Lake City except to catch a bus to California. Smart said Mitchell saw the close call with the police officer as a sign that the “Lord was protecting” them and that it was a sign that they should leave for California right away. Smart said that Mitchell panhandled until they had enough for bus fare. She said they closed the camp and headed for the Greyhound bus station in Downtown Salt Lake City. Smart said her face and Wanda’s face were completely veiled.

The prosecutor redirected his questioning of Smart, referring to Mitchell’s drinking habits at the Utah campsites, and Elizabeth’s diet.

“He said that he had to drink to go out and face the world that it helped him in going out,” said Smart.

When asked about her diet while camping in Utah, Smart said food was sporadic, depending on when Mitchell would run out of alcohol and feel the need to return to Salt Lake City for supplies.

When the prosecutor asked where Mitchell got the food, Smart answered, “He said he got it at Albertson’s and shoplifting. He called it ‘plundering,’ like in the Bible when the Children of Israel would capture a city and they would take the goods, plunder the goods and bring them back for the Lord’s purposes. That’s how he justified shoplifting.”

Smart said Mitchell was caught shoplifting from an Albertson’s store and was questioned and photographed by a security officer. A police officer also also asked for his name and social security, but Mitchell refused. Smart said that Mitchell finally gave in when the officer threatened to bring him before a judge. Smart testified that when the officer pulled up Mitchell’s name on a computer, there was nothing on under his name on their records except for a restraining order against mom.

The prosecutor also asked Smart about Mitchell’s demeanor when panhandling.

“Very fake, it felt fake,” said Smart. “He was very quiet. When people would walk away he would criticize them. He knew how to manipulate people…he was good at manipulating people. If people held back money, he would say, ‘God bless you,’ and when they would walk away he would say, ‘They really don’t know who they’re dealing with…. If all they give is a quarter, one day, they’ll regret it. They are so prideful, so full of themselves.”

The prosecutor asked if Mitchell would preach while panhandling or call people to repentance, Smart answered, “No.”

'One for the Smart Team'

Elizabeth testifies in Brian David Mitchell trial (Richard Graham, ABC 4 News)
Elizabeth testifies in Brian David Mitchell trial (Richard Graham, ABC 4 News)
“He said we were going to play Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. By going naked we show our true form of where we’re at.” -Elizabeth Smart
The prosecutor then directed his questions to information about Mitchell’s sexual demeanor while they were camping in Utah.

The prosecutor asked whether Elizabeth was required to walk naked around the camp. She answered in the affirmative, and when the prosecutor asked why, Smart replied, “He said we were going to play Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. By going naked we show our true form of where we’re at.”

When asked if Mitchell and Barzee were also naked at such times, Smart said, “Yes.”

Smart said the nudism happened about “once or twice a week,” and that there was little discussion about religion when this happened.

During their encampment Smart testified that Barzee often became jealous of the sexual attention Mitchell gave to Elizabeth.

When the prosecutor asked about religious revelations Mitchell claimed to have, Smart answered, “He and his wife would get in fights a lot and she would be very upset with him because he looked after me and paid me too much sexual attention and she would be very upset over this. He would come to her and would say ‘Hepsibah, I feel like the Lord has something to tell you and he would say that to her until she listened to him. Then he would put hands on her head and he would give her a blessing and say, by the Holy Melchezidek Priesthood that I hold,’…and say something that would placate her like, ‘Hepsibah, you are the mother of Zion, your crown awaits you in heaven…is so beautiful and it is second only to the Savior and….among your sons are Johann Sebastian Bach and others…Another blessing happened after he was drinking so much. She was upset. He would give her a blessing…and somehow mentioned that Lord thought drinking was okay for him.”

Smart testified of another blessing, after Barzee became jealous again. “She felt he wasn’t fulfilling her needs. So he gave her another blessing. In the blessing he set up a schedule. That from morning to midday he would be with her, and from midday until the following morning that I would be with him, and he could not rape me during her time and he would not have intercourse with her when he was with me.”

The prosecutor asked, “Did he deviate from the schedule?”

“Yes. One day he decided not to go to Salt Lake and we still needed water. He took me with him to hike up the canyon where there was a stream. On way up, he stopped and he pulled me in close to him and he said he needed me right then. He said that he really needed me, and I said I couldn’t; that the schedule would not permit that. He said that his wife would never know. She doesn’t have to know. But I said I couldn’t do that. I told him I would tell Wanda, He didn’t deviate from schedule.”

The prosecutor then asked Elizabeth, “How did you feel after this?”

“That was one for the Smart team,” replied Elizabeth.

On to California

Elizabeth Smart arrives at federal court in Salt Lake City (Bill Brussard, ABC 4 News)
Elizabeth Smart arrives at federal court in Salt Lake City (Bill Brussard, ABC 4 News)
“After viewing the porn at the ‘Altar of Emmanuel,’ he raped me.” -Elizabeth Smart
The prosecutor then asked Smart about whether she ever tried to escape from the camp.

“Yes,” said Smart. “When we were in the upper camp he had alcohol and there was a day he decided we needed to…he was very drunk and mean to Wanda. I was not as drunk as he was and they were fighting with each other. So I started, I tried to slip away and went down the trail. I didn’t make it very far. They noticed and told me if I try that again that I would be killed and be stopped by an angel of the Lord and be cut down. He also said he would put me back on the cable. I never tried to escape again.”

The prosecutor redirected his questioning of Smart regarding the trio’s trip to California.

Smart said it happened sometime in October. Elizabeth said that after about a 14 hour ride, the group ended up in Lakeside, California, and that Mitchell was disappointed that the “Lake” was a man-made lake, and the group eventually found an isolated area nearby, although there were other homeless people around.

Smart recounted how Mitchell made a shelter out of duct tape, a tarp and tree branches, and that within 24 hours of arrival, Mitchell had raped her again.

Smart testified that sometimes they would go into Lakeside or San Diego to walk around.

Smart recalled eating at Hometown Buffet.

When asked if Mitchell ever preached in San Diego or Lakeside, Smart answered, “He would go panhandling which he called it part of his ministry. He would give them a piece of paper that he had written about the declaration of our faith. We would wear the robes and veils and so would Wanda.”

Smart told the court they visited grocery stores and convenience stores.

“I remember there was a small sort of produce store on one of the sides of the lake. It was run by a man who was Muslim. I remember him commenting to defendant that he wished his wife and daughter would dress as modestly as we did. He said it was good to see people practice religion faithfully,” said Smart.

Smart also testified that Mitchell never identified himself as a prophet or a Muslim.

“One time, he went into San Diego and came back with a magazine. He said he was going to minister. He came back with a magazine of pornography and he said he had received revelations that he was instructed to look at pornography. He opened it up and I saw him looking at it. I was there with him and Wanda. He said that we all needed to look at it,” said Smart. “I glanced at it, but I didn’t feel comfortable looking at it.”

“What did he do after he was done looking at the pornography?” asked the prosecutor.

“He raped me. He took me to ‘The Altar of Emmanuel;’ a special tent at the campsite. The next day, he forced me to look at porn again. He said I have to look at it. He said to turn to pages and he would talk about it. The magazine was called ‘Hustler.’. The pictures didn’t hide anything. They showed everything that could be done between a man and a woman. He said I had to think below this before I could rise above it. He would talk about the women and their bodies and remark how they were all different; what they reminded him of...one woman in particular,” said Smart.

“Did he call them ‘Whores of Babylon?” asked the prosecutor.

“No,” said Smart. “After viewing the porn at the ‘Altar of Emmanuel,’ he raped me.”

“Was there anytime in California when you felt physically ill?” asked the prosecutor.

“He said it was time for Wanda and I to start drinking again, so he brought back quite a few cans of beer. He handed one to me and to Wanda and told us to drink it. So we drank it. He also brought back a can of meat to eat. We ate that. He started drinking. I was trying to keep up with him. He gave me a second one and Wanda wanted one too. I couldn’t finish it and laid down. I remember…I threw up. I was lying down and it got all over my face and hair. I woke up and I was in same position and had throw-up dried in my face and hair. ‘Steel Reserve’ was the kind of beer. It was in California so it had a higher percentage of alcohol,” said Smart.

“What about the 'divine inspiration' of not drinking alcohol?” asked the prosecutor.

“He dismissed it. He said it was a time and place for all things and the time came again where we needed to drink again,” said Smart.

When asked about Mitchell’s plan to find another wife in California, Smart testified, “He said it was time for another wife and was going to LDS chapels to see if he could find one. He wanted an LDS woman. Said the LDS church was the true church but since the death of Ezra Taft Benson the mantle had fallen on him. Since then, everyone in the Church had gone astray. He said they needed to be young so they could be valuable.”

“At that time, he spoke of another woman…a black woman. Wanda was very offended. One day he went out and he didn’t tell Wanda where he was going. He slept with her. He came back and she was very upset. They decided to invite her to camp in Utah, but when they went to her house, Kelly was with another man. So that’s why he wanted a young LDS girl,” said Smart.

“When he went looking he wore normal clothes. He wanted people to think that he was “investigating” or wanted to learn more about the LDS church. And if he wore his robes it wouldn’t have the same effect that he wanted.”

“What was significance of the robes?” asked the prosecutor. “He said it was the clothing worn in heaven,” said Smart.

“Did he groom himself before going to the chapels?” asked the prosecutor.

“Yes. He would wash his hair and put it in a ponytail, put his beard in ponytail. He would wear normal clothing. He tried to wash up a little bit so he wouldn’t smell as bad,” said Smart.

“When he returned, did he talk about it?” asked the prosecutor.

“Yes. One time, he spoke of when he was invited to supper. He said that he had gone to church and that there he walked into the building. There were missionaries who tried to pull him out and put him in class where the missionaries taught. He just sat there and said no, no. He said I want to learn about Daniel today. There was a man who befriended him. After church, he was upset there wasn’t a woman who fit his description. Either too young or too old. This man invited him to dinner at his house. He got into the car with man and his wife and they took him to their house and had dinner. Then, he saw a photography of a woman. She was the daughter of the woman’s from first marriage. They said she would come and stay with them every Wednesday and every other weekend,” said Smart.

Smart testified that Mitchell told of his dinner with the LDS members and that he had chicken in a cream sauce, and several helpings.

“Did he bring you anything back?” asked the prosecutor.

“No. He would do this often. He would go out and tell us what he ate. He would dig into garbage bins and bring us back things he found in garbage,” said Smart.

“Did he say he was going to kidnap their daughter?” asked the prosecutor.

“Yes,” answered Smart.

“Did he make preparations?” asked the prosecutor.

“Yes,” answered Smart. “He made sure there was enough bedding so she would have a bed. He made sure they had robes for her to wear as well. He took off with his green bag. He left in the afternoon and came back the next morning, very early.

“What happened?” asked the prosecutor.

“He said that we were not prepared enough to receive another wife and that said that our faith needs to be stronger. He said he went to the Kemp’s house and said there was a sliding door and he started to go in and he heard someone snoring on other side, and he said that that was only way to climb in. He tried to open door or window more and person inside moved and so that scared him so he didn’t go through with his plans,” said Smart.

“A couple of days later, a man came closer to our campsite and Mitchell told them to get back into the tent. Mitchell took knife out and he said, ‘If he comes, I’ll kill him.’ The man didn’t come closer. After this, Mitchell said ‘It’s time for us for new locations.’ We followed a riverbed up a ways and kept wandering and we didn’t find a place. We saw a road and headed up side of one of the mountains,” said Smart.

Mitchell in jail, back to Utah

Elizabeth Smart, Wanda Barzee and Brian David Mitchell in robes at Salt Lake City park
Elizabeth Smart, Wanda Barzee and Brian David Mitchell in robes at Salt Lake City park
"I told him there were many more Mormon girl’s camps up in mountains. He said he would have to pray about it, but it wasn’t too long after that he decided it would be a good idea.” -Elizabeth Smart
In January or February, Smart testified that Mitchell showed her a newspaper article showing picture of Ed and Lois who were on America’s Most Wanted.

Later, Smart testified about the time when Mitchell was arrested for breaking a window.

Smart said police tried to identify him and match his fingerprints, and that Mitchell used the name Michael Jensen, but that a female police officer could find no record of him.

Smart said Mitchell later told of how he was sitting cross legged on the floor he didn’t have robes on at the time, but was wearing long thermal underwear which had a large hole in the crotch area.

“He said that that his private parts were hanging out of the hole and they he knew woman was watching him and she liked it. He called them (private parts) ‘his package,” said Smart.

“During the nine months you were with him, how many times did the defendant express pride in his “package”? asked the prosecutor.

“One time in the upper camp in Utah and he was running down and he was commenting on how well hung he was and what a good package he had. There was another time he gave his private parts a name. He called it ‘Emmanuel’s pride,” said Smart.

Did you ever read [Mitchell’s] Journal, the Book of Emmanuel David Isaiah?” asked the prosecutor.

“Yes,” answered Smart. “They were a book he wrote, the revelations he had, talking about his taking seven wives. It was what he wanted it to be.”

The prosecutor asked several questions referring to Mitchell’s ‘Emmanuel’ writings and whether his euphemism for his private parts (Emmanuel’s Pride) had any correlation with his divinely inspired writings. Smart said there was a clear distinction between the name of Mitchell’s writings and his male member.

Smart told of Mitchell’s stay in the San Diego and how Mitchell was able to avoid further legal trouble by pleading guilty to breaking a window, for which the judge sentences him to a fine and community service.

Smart said Mitchell was smug about how he had fooled the California judge and lawyers.

Smart told the court that Mitchell eventually planned to leave California to search for another wife. Smart said Mitchell kept the trio hidden and plotted visits to bigger cities.

“Did you provide any input?” asked the prosecutor.

“ I said we should return to Salt Lake City….I felt the more cities that we went to the farther we got, the less chance I would be able to get home. I said I didn’t know for sure but I felt God had told me that he should pray about it because I didn’t know for sure. I told him there were many more Mormon girl’s camps up in mountains. He said he would have to pray about it. But it wasn’t too long after that he decided it would be a good idea.”

Smart testified that Mitchell and Barzee decided to hitchhike. Mitchell reasoned that Elizabeth should wear a disguise instead of the robes because people would think they were Muslim and it was too close after 9/11 happened.

“I was told not to speak, and if I did, he said we should refer to them as ‘Mom and Dad,’ that we were traveling preachers. At first, he wanted to die my hair a different color, but I wasn’t too excited about that idea, and neither was Wanda, his wife. After that he decided to get a wig and sunglasses instead. He got those at a cheap store in El Cajon. The wig was ugly; bad quality…grey, curly,” said Smart.

Smart said the trio wore normal street clothing as the robes were packed away during the trip back to Utah.

Smart testified that during the trip, Mitchell ordered that they would pose as Peter Marshall, Julie Marshall and that Elizabeth would go by the name Augustine Marshall. Elizabeth was told to pose as their daughter and we were traveling preachers from Florida. Elizabeth was told to say that Wanda was her step-mother and that she Elizabeth was to pose as an 18-year-old.

Smart said that Mitchell planned to hitch hike back Salt Lake City in small intervals. Smart said that Mitchell would stick out his thumb and that she was not allowed to speak. In ordering Elizabeth not to speak, Smart said Mitchell told her, “I already knew consequences.”

Smart said they began their trek back to Utah in March of 2003.

'My 9 months of Hell'

Elizabeth Smart testifies before the jury in the Brian David Mitchell trial (Richard Graham, ABC 4 News)
Elizabeth Smart testifies before the jury in the Brian David Mitchell trial (Richard Graham, ABC 4 News)
Prosecuor: “Do you recall your birthday in November 2002? Smart: “We were at camp with his wife. He brought me a candy bar and then he raped me.”
The prosecutor asked Smart a series of questions about her ordeal while in California.

“In California, did he drink alcohol?”

“Yes, almost daily.”



“Did he give reason for drinking?

“That he couldn’t face the world,” answered Smart.

“Do you recall your birthday in November 2002?

“We were at camp with his wife. He brought me a candy bar and then he raped me.”

“In Thanksgiving 2002, what you do?”

“We went into San Diego and went to a large convention center where they were feeding people, dressed in our robes.”

“Christmas 2002?”

“I don’t remember if that’s when we went to convention center for meal.”

When Elizabeth was shown a photograph of Mitchell, Barzee, and herself taken while in Mitchell’s captivity, the prosecutor asked Smart, “How did you eat with the veil?”

“I could only lift with one hand and eat with a fork,” said Smart.

Following further questioning about Mitchell’s sexual behavior, Smart testified, “The defendant and his wife got into another fight and it was over me. He said he felt like the Lord had something to tell her again. He gave her a blessing. He said in the blessing that the time had come to make a new schedule. That would include him having sexual intercourse first and she would be lying next to me. And then when he felt like it he would go to her. He said in the blessing that because she had had a hysterectomy, her womb would be opened and it would be able to produce egg.”

Smart said Mitchell claimed the blessing was divinely inspired, but it didn’t stop the sex abuse.

Smart also testified about other Mitchell revelations regarding alcohol.

“Our need for drinking alcohol was over, but it still remained for him. He could still drink and smoke as he chose,” said Smart.

When asked why Mitchell changed his stance on alcohol, Smart replied, “His wife was upset with him about him drinking so much and not sharing. [The blessing] relieved Wanda’s anger.”

At one time during her testimony, Smart referred to her ordeal as “My 9 months of Hell.”

During her testimony, Smart gave more details about the trip back to Utah.

Smart told of the people who picked them up along the way, before reaching Las Vegas, where Elizabeth remembered going to a Jack in the Box.

There, Smart said they were approached by a police officer, but they were able to leave without being identified.

Smart said she an Barzee were offered a ride from a truck driver while Mitchell was using a restroom, but the truck driver was disappointed when Barzee told him they had to wait for her husband.

Smart testified that the truck driver offered to take them to St. George.

“I was in back of cab with Barzee. We were going through the Virgin River Canyon. The driver asked if I ever seen this and invited me up front. I did, and Mitchell went to the back but he remained very close,” said Smart.

Referring to all the people who gave them rides, the prosecutor asked, “Did [Mitchell] ever talk about religion?”

“No,” said Smart.

Smart testified that the truck driver took the trio all the way to an Orem truck stop.

There was a park nearby called Camelot. At the park we got into a tent and I was raped for the last time,” said Smart.

“Did he abuse you other times along trip?” asked the prosecutor.

“Yes,” replied Smart.

Elizabeth recounted how the trio packed up the tent and went into Salt Lake the next day.

It would be the final day of her nine month ordeal.


 (ABC 4 News)
(ABC 4 News)
"They were asking me what my name was, how old I was, where I was from, what school I went to and then they asked if I was Elizabeth Smart."
Upon further questioning from the prosecutor, Smart recounted the details of March 12, 2003.

Smart testified that the trio stopped at a McDonald’s for breakfast.

“I remember there was a woman who talked to us. She helped us with the purchase. A younger kid was talking to me asking a lot of questions. The defendant was getting anxious to leave. We got on the bus and headed out.”

Smart told of how Mitchell needed more supplies before heading back to their camp, and that they got off the bus and were headed to a Wal-Mart when a car pulled up alongside them as they walked along the sidewalk.

“We were walking and then cop cars stopped alongside us. They asked us who we were. The defendant said we were traveling preachers and that I was his daughter, and they separated me from them and asked me questions. They were asking me what my name was, how old I was, where I was from, what school I went to and then asked if I was Elizabeth Smart, that your parents were very worried about me.”

“What did you say?” asked the prosecutor.

“I gave them the answer that I was told to say,” said Smart.

“After that?” asked the prosecutor.

“I was handcuffed and put in the back of the police car,” said Smart.

“What were you thinking at the time?” asked the prosecutor.

“I was very scared. I knew the threats that I had been told for 9 months. I knew what they were and I was… I didn’t know why I was being handcuffed I didn’t know I had done something wrong that I was guilty. At the same time, I felt this was it. I’m done. This is it. This is over. When I was at police station in Sandy they asked me to take off the wig and that my father was coming to get me.”

“When Dad arrived, how did you feel?”

“I was so happy.”

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