Eat pizza and lose weight? ABC 4 News tracks the WIO Diet

Eat pizza and lose weight? ABC 4 News tracks the WIO Diet

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - A new Utah company hopes you'll eat and lose. They’re called WIO, and their diet is based on a new type of low-carb flour and shakes.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - A new Utah company hopes you'll eat and lose. They’re called WIO, and the diet is based on a new type of low-carb flour and shakes. ABC 4 Anchor Kim Fischer tracked a group of coworkers as they began the program three months ago.

The Advent Group decided as a company, to get healthy. So, someone on the staff suggested the local diet program, WIO.

"I’ve been on, like everybody, probably every single diet, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig. I used to work for Jenny Craig unfortunately too," said dieter Rosanne Simpson.

WIO coaches came to the Advent Group’s office and gave each employee a health screening. WIO claims to make a person healthier, not just skinnier. We wanted to know how.

Diet coach, Brady Turville said this diet focuses on more than just the food.

"Anybody dealing with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, fatty liver, obesity or diet diabetes they're all directly related to what's called hyperinsulinemia which is where the pancreas is excreting too much insulin," he said.

Brady said to get insulin levels down, a person must, for a period of time, lower their carbohydrate and sugar intake. That’s easier said than done. So to help that process, WIO created shakes and a special low-carb flour mix.

"We tasted a couple of the foods, the pizza and their roll and the food is phenomenal. And I also learned pizza has a ton of carbs and theirs only has like 3 carbs," Simpson said.

The employees got their supply of supplements, and a month later there were signs of progress. JT Thorpe and Rosanne Simpson were the two dieters having the most success with the program.

Rosanne lost 18.6 pounds of fat, while JT lost 22 total inches. Rosanne said she gave up her fast food, and started cooking.

“once I learned how to pre do it and think ahead and plan meals, I actually love it so now I’ve got recipe books out and I’m learning how to actually cook healthy," she said.

As for JT, he said he just needed some structure. It's something he got with his WIO coach.

"I even signed up at a gym, because I have the energy to go to the gym," Thorpe said.

Fast forward another month and we found JT on the elliptical machine.

"I never even worked out before so, I have a gym membership now I work out at home, I go for walks," he said.

Nearly 20 pounds later, JT feels like a new man.

"I used to always wear sport coats because it was kind of like my, I called it my uniform, but I think it was more of a security blanket. I don't even wear any of my sport coats anymore and anything I’ve purchased, not a sport coat," JT said.

Meanwhile Rosanne was in the kitchen making healthy choices. She said she still gets her fast food cravings though.

"They put the smell of the fries in the air so I still smell it, there's still a food cue, but I heard this saying once that nothing tastes as good as being thin feels and it's so true,” she said.

So Rosanne and JT are obviously losing weight, but we wanted to know, is it truly healthy weight loss? Dietician Julie Bolick from Intermountain Healthcare gave us her take.

"If in fact this is a program that has enabled you to start losing some weight, then great, you're moving in the right direction of health," she said.

Julie understands some people find it hard to leave certain foods alone, but she says dieters should not rely on supplements or a new kind of flour for very long.

"I would want to try and get them on to whole foods," Bolick said.

WIO coach Brady Turville agrees with Julie. By the end of the program, he said Rosanne and JT will both be weaned off the shakes, eating healthy whole foods, and hopefully liking what they see. JT is already on his way.

"I looked in a full length mirror for the first time because normally I don't look in my mirrors except for you know your daily routine, but I looked in the mirror and I was like, you're doing well," he said.

We checked in with our dieters Monday night. To date, JT has lost 26 pounds and 32 total inches. Rosanne has lost 10 pounds and 29 total inches. They both plan on staying on the diet a little longer before getting back on whole food.

To learn more about the WIO Diet, click here.

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