Donate to Weber School District camera system

Donate to Weber School District camera system

The attached link will take you to a donation site linked to the Roy Elementary website.  Funds donated to this site will benefit all Weber School District schools.

Below is information from the Roy Elementary Website:

None of us in Weber County thought the Sandy Hook tragedy was remotely possible

Neither did the folks at Sandy Hook.

But, it happened!

Supporting Weber School District and its students, the Weber School Foundation believes it is time to take steps to ensure our students are safer than any student in the country.

The Foundation is pleased to announce the $100,000 matching grant - Safety 4 Students campaign by matching every $1 raised for the safety of our children, up to $100,000. As a community, we need to be prepared ... NOW is the time to act.

Of the many components that factor into ensuring a safer school, video surveillance is a top priority. Weber County Sheriff Terry Thompson said, “In the case of an armed intruder in a school, one of our most important tools is our eyes. The ability to quickly locate, observe and apprehend an intruder will be contingent on what we can see. A state of the art video surveillance system is a necessity.”

New surveillance cameras are needed in every school in the district. New technology will allow law enforcement officers during an emergency to see inside our schools and see our students from a command post, via a laptop computer, or even an iPhone. The technology is in place but we need your help with our school cameras.

Superintendent Jeff Stephens applauds the work of the Weber School Foundation. “Our community is amazing. Working together on this important project will give our law enforcement officers the added edge we need for the safety of our children.”

Your donation - designated to the school of your choice - combined with the Foundation match means TWICE as much goes directly to your child’s school to enhance the safety of your child. A $20 donation puts $40 towards the safety of your children. The Foundation will match donations of any amount, up to $2000 per school.

SOURCE: Roy Elementary Website

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