Columbine HS survivor writes book for Sandy Hook victims

Columbine HS survivor writes book for Sandy Hook victims

It Gets Better is a book written by a Columbine High School survivor for Sandy Hook shooting survivors.  The book is scheduled to sale on by mid-March.  The cost should be 12.95. 

Huntington-Wright is raising $5000 to buy each of the students in Sandy Hook her book.  She has raised $1300 so far.  Click on the other attached link to learn how you can donate to this fund. 

Columbine HS survivor writes book for Sandy Hook survivors

AMERICAN FORK, Utah (ABC 4 News) - A Columbine High School survivor who now lives in Utah is writing a book to help Sandy Hook shooting survivors cope.

Amber Huntington-Wright says she cried as she wrote the 24 page children’s book called It Gets Better.   

Part of her book reads, “Sometimes bad things happen to good people.  Those things don't have to determine who you are.  These experiences as well as the good ones can be stepping stones to a better and brighter future.”

Huntington-Wright is sharing a very personal journey of heartbreak and healing in her 24-page children's book--- called "it gets better."     

“I know what it's like to have someone else's blood on your clothes and I know what it's like to play dead,” she said.

She thought her pain would go away if she moved away to Utah and refused to tell anyone about her traumatic experience, but she was wrong.  

A year and a half after the shooting it hit her.  “I just got to a point where I couldn't move my legs to get out of my car to walk to class.  I just had a total physical breakdown where my body just couldn't take it anymore.  Then I started understanding what post traumatic stress syndrome was,” said Huntington-Wright.

She turned to therapy and God and says four years later the terrible pain in her heart disappeared.  

Her sadness was replaced with joy and hope.  She hopes her very raw and real story will serve as a guide for the suffering children in Newtown, Connecticut.

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