Twister Rave Hasbro Games

Twister Rave Hasbro Games

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Rave Rings

Product Description:

Welcome to a world of light and movement, where players pick their tricks and perform them with the Twister Rave Ringz game. Twister Rave Ringz just made your favorite handclap games a whole lot cooler as players twist, snap and clap to make the Ringz change color. The Twister Rave party continues online at, where you can learn new tricks and take the fun to a new level. Ask a parent before going online.

Your favorite handclap games just got a whole lot cooler. The Twister Rave Ringz game will keep you and your friends twisting, snapping and clapping for hours of fun. Visit to discover new handclap games, and for inspiration to create your own! Lightning-quick action games challenge girls to keep the beat either solo or with a friend. With each hand movement, Twister Rave Ringz change color. The Twister Rave Ringz game is perfect to take with you for gaming fun on the go!

Twister and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

Approx Retail: $7.99

Rave Skip-it

Product Description:

The longer you go, the more you’ll glow with this super-cool TWISTER Rave SKIP-IT game! Put the hoop on one leg and swing the SKIP-IT while you hop over it. The colors glow as you skip, and when all 4 colors glow, you’ve made it! With 4 colors and more than 20 light patterns, you can light it up to level up with TWISTER Rave SKIP-IT!

TWISTER SKIP-IT game unit comes with Trick Guide.

Approx retail: $19.99

Rave Hoops

Product Description:

Give your dance moves a whirly glow with this super-cool TWISTER Rave Hoopz game! The longer you go when you start spinning the Rave Hoopz, the more you’ll glow! Put a hoop on your wrist and get it spinning, then add another to your other arm to master the Twisted Wrist trick. Keep spinning and more colors will light up, but don’t stop spinning, because the hoops will reset to red if you do! Master crazy tricks and take on your friends in the TWISTER Rave Hoopz game!

Rave Stickz

Product Description:

Master your moves with tons of tricks with this super-cool TWISTER Rave Stickz game! With more than 20 flip tricks to learn, the TWISTER Rave Stickz glow in 4 different colors as you spin and flip. Unlock new colors and light patterns as you move into medium and then difficult games. Light it up to level up with TWISTER Rave Stickz!

Approx Retail: $9.99

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