Tips for Dressing in Your 30's

Tips for Dressing in Your 30's

Growing up doesn't mean missing out on the hottest styles! Jen shows you the classy way to stay on trend.
Well that time has come! Your 30, you don't want to hear it! I know I didn't. That being said I feel so much more gathered and put than I ever have in my 20s. At 30 you feel more established. You have more direction. So in your wardrobe it's time to freshen up the class a bit! I want to touch on a few thoughts and rules for dressing in your 30s.

1. Start to invest in The Classics: You are more established now. Your out of college. Your starting your careers or families now. So it's time to invest in a little bit more of yourself and look a bit more polished and put together. So find that look that has a clean slate but you can add some crazy color or patterns to those pumps. So get some blazers that you can take your 20's favorite T-shirt and still wear but class it up a bit with one of your blazers. Classic black dress instead of that one that was your favorite college dress. A bit more tailored or structured to show experience and you classic beauty.

2. Simple Jeans: You're a bit older now you can afford those more expensive jeans that hold you in like a lady. Choose a bit more comfort to fit your lifestyle. A more confidant and mature style instead of those big stitching ones that match your 10 year olds. If you love them that's ok but maybe don't wear a tight T-shirt with stones and princess crowns all over it to match totally with your 10 year old top and bottom. Really stand out for being a beautiful and sexy mother or working woman or both with your own twist of style that is more mature and that fits who you are. If you do pick a crazy jean than that's fine balance it out with a classic black T-shirt and blazer or sweater on top that fits and looks like a lady.

3. Say Goodbye to Mid drifts and mini Skirts: Yes I know what some are going to say! "Jen I work out everyday and I want to show off what hard work looks like after having children"! Yes, I know. I get it. I have given birth to 5 children I know! Here is the deal. Save it for the pool and gym. I don't need to see you walking around with your whole tummy hanging out to respect how hard you work out. In fact I am going to think you are more beautiful dressed in some classic T-shirt and jeans and funky pair of Oxford's like a cute Jennifer Aniston than seeing you whole body hanging out like your 21! Woman that are 21 look hot and that's what they are looking for me to say at that age. I say you need to be looking for " I look beautiful, smart, confidant, and sexy. So no tummy rings showing please! Modesty is your friend!


So look your age but still look cool, innovative, modern, and fresh! Add patterns and colors in a J. Crew classic feel and not a Brittney spears way! No offensive. She's cute but time to cover up a bit more and start investing more time and money in what you are wearing. Invest in those classic pieces and find that inner confidence.

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