Smooth Summer Skin with Verefina

Smooth Summer Skin with Verefina

Jen shows how 100% natural products can help you get beautiful skin this summer.
Jennifer Lugo from Verefina talks about getting Smooth Summer Skin the Verefina Way!

•Causes of rough, uneven, dull skin (climate, build-up of dead skin cells, and/or UV damage)

•Normal, healthy skin cell turnover process explanation & demonstration. 

•Verefina Sugar Scrub (manually exfoliates AND is a natural source of AHA’s – Alpha Hydroxy Acids, which dissolve the “glue” that holds dead skin cells together making them easy to remove.) Verefina’s sugar scrubs are 100% natural and come in 4 scents. 

•Verefina Aloe & Calendula Cream (hydrates the skin with water and aloe vera juice. Natural oils add moisture, lock in hydration, repair skin, create a barrier to protect from loss of hydration and outside elements, and balance skin’s pH to boost skin’s immune system. 

•Promotion: Spend $75 and get this adorable 1 oz. lotion for FREE! Lemon scent. Can’t purchase. One free lotion for EVERY $75 spent. (Get 2 when you spend $150!) 

•With summer come sunburn, bug bites, along with cuts and scrapes, and other skin irritations which can make our skin look terrible.

•Verefina’s After-Sun Mist is an absolute must-have for sunburned skin. Customers report that the day after using it, the burn is gone and they are left with beautiful tan skin. Contains aloe, lavender, and hyaluronic acid to heal skin quickly, and prevent peeling. Peppermint cools the skin. Smells amazing, works wonders! 

•Verefina’s Best-Selling product the “First Aid Stick” is a “Miracle Stick” for healing up itchy bug bites and other skin irritations – keeping your skin looking beautiful throughout the summer! 

Verefina’s products are completely toxin-free and 99-100% natural.

FREE LOTION PROMO: For a limited time only, spend $75 (before tax and shipping) and get a FREE 1 oz Lemon Lotion  

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•Full-Size Aloe & Calendula Cream
•Sugar Scrub
•First Aid Stick
•After-Sun Mist
•AND a Pina Colada Lip Balm!

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