Signs You're Already in Love

Signs You're Already in Love

Is it lust or love? Kimile breaks it down for you.
12 Signs You're Already In Love

Love does not have an on/off switch. When we are not interested in someone it’s obvious, but when we are, it can be confusing. Is it love, lust, or infatuation? Well, be confused no more. Here are 12 telltale signs that will show you are actually in love. While each one individually might not necessarily mean love, if you find you feel six or more, you’ve got love!

You want to tell everyone about the person. If you feel like getting on a mountaintop with a megaphone and shouting your feelings about the person to the world, you’re already in love.

You share your dreams with them. Our dreams are often the most precious thoughts we have. If you can share them in full, you’re already in love.

They can tell you the truth. Even when the truth hurts, if you can accept it from them, you’re already in love.

You let them answer your phone. Yup, you’re already in love.

You’re comfortable with them representing you. When you can bring them to the company Christmas party and leave them alone to talk with your boss, you’re already in love.

Feelings for your ex disappear. When you no longer think about the old boo, you’re already in love with the new boo.

You care about "why" they think certain things. This is important because going deeper than just surface conversation means you desire to understand their values.

You want to invest in them. If you want to put your effort into seeing them evolve into their optimal self, you’re already in love.

It's Not Simply About Their Potential. Often times we make the mistake of falling in love with someone’s potential and not for who they are before us. When you accept them for who they are now and not just who they could be in the future, you’re already in love.

You don't feel embarrassed around them. You’re not embarrassed by his appearance or mannerisms when in public, you’re already in love.

You begin to see a future with them. Substantive thoughts of the future, like the possibly of having children or sharing of other life events means you’re already in love.

You're thinking about them right now. Then stop reading this post and call them to say you love them!

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