Seattle Rub Plank Salmon..Seattle Rub

Seattle Rub Plank Salmon..Seattle Rub

Executive Chef for RSL, Matt Brown and Leo the Lion, make Seattle Rub Plank Salmon ..Seattle Rub

Seattle Rub Plank Salmon

*Seattle Rub*

2 oz Dill Weed

¼ oz. Tarragon

¼ oz. Cinnamon

1 oz. Garlic Powder

4 oz. Kosher Salt

¼ oz. White Pepper

¼ oz. Red Pepper Flakes

8 oz. Brown Sugar

Yields 1 Lb. Rub


3½ Lbs. Fresh Atlantic Salmon

6 oz. Seattle Rub

1 Cedar Plank


1. Combine all spices together in small mixing bowl until thoroughly combined

2. Soak cedar plank in water and a light amount of oil for 4 hours.

3. Rub salmon with spices and let sit for 10 minutes

4. Place salmon on cedar plank and place on grill

5. Let salmon cook for 15 - 20 minutes or until lightly pink in center.

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